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SICK with new Executive Board structure from July
Waldkirch, 29 June 2006. As a result of the enormous growth achieved by the SICK Group, the Executive and Supervisory Boards of SICK AG have decided to introduce a new Board structure that will form...
SICK to have new Chief Information Officer (CIO) from January 2007
Waldkirch, 25 October 2006 – The Waldkirch-based sensor technology group has appointed Dietmar Lummitsch (49) as Chief Information Officer (CIO), with effect from 1 January 2007.
Germany's Best Employers 2007
Berlin/Waldkirch, 14 February 2007 – SICK AG is again one of Germany’s most attractive employers in 2007.
SICK strengthens business in Australia
Waldkirch / Ivanhoe (Australia), 23 February 2007. SICK AG’s Australian subsidiary has taken over the assets and parts of the business operations of Gas Analysis Systems Australia Pty.
“Best Applied Automation” from Rexroth and SICK – based on open standards
Lohr-am-Main / Waldkirch – Bosch Rexroth AG and SICK AG have agreed on a technical collaboration in the area of factory automation.
SICK still on successful course
Waldkirch, 12. April 2007. SICK AG continued to develop very well during the 2006 fiscal year.
SICK co-operates with system partner to enhance solution competence in logistics
Lobbach/Waldkirch, April 2007 – GOD Barcode Marketing mbH and SICK AG have agreed to initiate a strategic co-operation in the area of automatic identification.
WTR and WLR: motor roller sensors with expanded logic functions
Waldkirch, April 2007 – Motor rollers in conveyor sections can be autonomously controlled with the new WTR photoelectric proximity switch and the new WLR photoelectric reflex switch.
WLL190T-2: fibre-optic photoelectric switch for high-speed applications
Waldkirch, April 2007 – With two programmable switching thresholds per device, an additional analogue output, and a response time of 60 µs, the new WLL190T-2 sets the standard for fibre-optic cable...
New W8 series of photoelectric switches: rapid, background-independent, with close-range suitability
Waldkirch, April 2007 – The new W8 series of photoelectric switches from SICK offers autocollimation technology for close-range work and a narrow light path, reliable suppression of objects in the...
New network gateways for electro-sensitive protective equipment
Waldkirch, April 2007 – At the Hanover Trade Fair 2007, SICK is presenting a new product family, called UE-EFI Gateways, for the integration of electro-sensitive protective equipment (ESPE) in...
S300 Professional CMS: safety laser scanner with integrated navigation support
Waldkirch, April 2007 – Safety with integrated navigation support is the strength of the compact S300 Professional CMS safety laser scanner.
RFI641 – the new UHF RFID system for logistics automation
Waldkirch, April 2007 – SICK is presenting, at the Hanover Trade Fair 2007, a new powerful RFID system based on UHF for the automation of logistical processes.
Dual system: safe design of controllers in accordance with EN ISO 13849-1 and EN 62061
Waldkirch, April 2007 – In 2006, two important new standards on safety-oriented machine controller components were created or harmonised: EN ISO 13849-1 and EN 62061.
Magnetic cylinder sensor with IO Link: remote teach-in and diagnosis
Waldkirch, April 2007 – SICK is consistent in its exploitation of IO Link technology and is correspondingly expanding its product portfolio.
A world first: magnetic cylinder sensor with two switching points for pneumatic cylinders and grippers with C-slots
Waldkirch, April 2007 – At the Hanover Trade Fair 2007, SICK is presenting the world’s first teachable magnetic cylinder sensor for pneumatic cylinders and grippers with C-slots: the MZ2Q-C.
Laser measurement with Level Control for a quick glance in the box
Waldkirch, April 2007 – The new LMS400 Laser Measurement System with Level Control ensures maximum process reliability during order picking, packaging, despatch or the return of goods in containers.
LD-LRS: 3D laser measurement for volume, dimension and profile determination
Waldkirch, April 2007 – The LD-LRS laser measurement system is a powerful outdoor system for non-contact three-dimensional distance detection.
Outstanding for distant and fine contrasts: the KT8L laser contrast scanner
Waldkirch, April 2007 – The new KT8L laser contrast scanner from SICK is suitable for any contrast situation.
Spatial vision, targeted gripping: 3D smart cameras for robots and picking systems
Waldkirch, April 2007 – SICK IVP has expanded the IVC-3D smart camera with functionalities for the three-dimensional visual guidance of gripping systems and robots.
The IT4820i Bluetooth hand-held scanner guarantees mobility and reading performance
Waldkirch, April 2007 – Bluetooth data radio and the latest generation of image capture technology are the most important features of the new IT4820i radio hand-held scanner.
Quicker and more ergonomic identification with new hand-held bar-code scanners
Waldkirch, April 2007 – SICK is presenting a new generation of hand-held bar-code scanners at the Hanover Trade Fair 2007 – the new IT3800g.
SICK expands its IO Link portfolio
Waldkirch, April 2007 – SICK, which already offers a comparatively wide range of IO link devices, is presenting a variety of new IO Link sensors at the Hanover Trade Fair 2007.
Small + omnidirectional = ideal: a compact scanner for 1D and 2D codes
Waldkirch, April 2007 – With the ICR803 – the latest product in the ICR series based on camera technology – SICK is presenting an omnidirectional code reader in a particularly compact housing.
New housings and bus connections: expanded safety switch product portfolio
Waldkirch, April 2007 – SICK has further expanded its portfolio of electromechanical and non-contact safety switches and locking devices in time for the Hanover Trade Fair 2007.
HLG: the high-resolution light curtain for detecting flat objects in rapid motion
Waldkirch, April 2007 – The new HLG high-resolution light curtain from SICK is the ideal solution for all applications in which letters, small bags of baking powder, instant salad dressing in...
“Dazzling” distance measurement: the DT20 Hi distance sensor with analogue output
Waldkirch, April 2007 – SICK has taken a leading position in the market segment of medium-range distance measurement – with the new DT20 Hi.
The DS30 Distance Sensor: distance measurement with technological lead
Waldkirch, April 2007 – Its standard photoelectric housing and new time-of-flight process make the new DS30 the technology trendsetter for distance measurement.
Cool solution: Cold Store Curtain ensures safety at arctic temperatures
Waldkirch, April 2007 – The robust IP67 housing, and the heating integrated therein, make C2000 and C4000 Micro safety light curtains and the M2000 multiple light beam safety device into Cold Store...
SICK completes reorganisation of Executive Board
Waldkirch, 16 May 2007. SICK AG, the world’s leading producer of industrial sensors and sensor solutions has completed the reorganisation of its Executive Board.
Press Archive
Press Archive Here you can search through all the press releases published by SICK AG in full text. Enter the desired search term in the navigation bar on the left and off you go...
WLL170-2: the new, faster fibre-optic series
Waldkirch, April 2005 – The detection of small objects, of objects against an interfering background, of coloured marks and transparent objects are among the strengths of the new WLL 170-2...
Connect 3 – the third generation of photoelectric switch technology
Waldkirch, April 2005 – The new W 4-3 miniature photoelectric switches and new W 27-3 family of all-rounders, together with the W 18-3, are the technological trend-setters in sensor and automation...
W 27-3 Ex: the photoelectric series in standard-compliant protective housings for the Ex-zone
Waldkirch, April 2005 – The new W 27-3 Ex is the standard-compliant solution for object detection in Zone 2 (gas) and Zone 22 (non-conductive dusts) Ex-zones.
W 23-2 – economical automation
Waldkirch, April 2005 – The W 23-2, which SICK is presenting at the Hanover Industrial Trade Fair, is a new generation of photoelectric switches offering economical automation solutions.
VTB 18 – the cylindrical photoelectric proximity switch for demanding tasks
Waldkirch, April 2005 – The new VTB 18 with background suppression extends the V18 series of powerful photoelectric switches in cylindrical M18 housings.
VMS 410: the new volume measurement system for CEP and logistics centres
Waldkirch, April 2005 – SICK has developed the VMS 410 Volume Measurement System for determining the volumes of consignments at courier, express and package services (CEP), as well as at logistics...
V 4000 press brake – the safe camera system for press brakes
Waldkirch, April 2005 – The V 4000 press brake safe camera sensor offers both maximum safety at work and maximum optimisation of brake press processes.
Compact and analogue – the UM 18 ultrasonic sensor
Waldkirch, April 2005 – The UM 18 ultrasonic sensor is now also available as an analogue output version.
UE 440/UE 470 – the multifunctional interfaces for enhanced safety requirements
Waldkirch, April 2005 – Extensive safety functions on machines and plants with heightened protective requirements can be flexibly and efficiently implemented with UE 440/UE 470 programmable safety...
UE 49: the muting module for SICK ESPEs
Waldkirch, April 2005 – The new UE 49 muting module efficiently allows muting functions, that differentiate between persons and materials, to be set up for SICK electro-sensitive protective equipment...
UC 12 – the new ultrasonic sensor in a familiar housing
Waldkirch, April 2005 – With the UC 12, SICK presents a new ultrasonic sensor for harsh industrial use.
The T 4000 multi RFID safety system: transponder technology that copes with tolerances and impacts
Waldkirch, April 2005 – Longer switching distances of up to 15 mm, up to four RFID sensors connectable to a single evaluation unit, and high immunity to impacts and vibrations are the most important...
Profiler – the professional for profile detection
Waldkirch, April 2005 – At the Hanover Industrial Trade Fair SICK is presenting, for the first time, the Profiler profile sensor for applications in which edges, openings, bulges or other geometrical...
OD max – the displacement sensor with 10-fold accuracy
Waldkirch, April 2005 – As a new product in the successful OD series of displacement sensors, the OD max sets a new standard.
LMS 400: pick & place automation for boxes and pallets
Waldkirch, April 2005 – With its 3 m range, 0.1° angular resolution and integrated Ethernet interface the LMS Laser Measurement System is the ideal solution for precise and rapid control of automatic...
KT 10-2: quicker print mark scanner with improved detection capability
Waldkirch, April 2005 – SICK is presenting the second generation of the high-speed KT 10 contrast scanner, the KT 10-2, at the Hanover Industrial Trade Fair and at Interpack in Düsseldorf.
KT 8 CAN – the contrast scanner that can do more
Waldkirch, April 2005 – Parameter administration and downloads, process reporting in line with the CFR21 Part 11, online diagnosis and remote maintenance – the new KT 8 CAN can do more than just...
SICK/IVP presents the world’s first 3-D smart camera
Waldkirch, April 2005 – The freely programmable IVC 3D Industrial Vision Camera from SICK / IVP is suitable for solving the most varied of tasks in which three-dimensional object inspection or the...
Inductive innovations in Inox
Waldkirch, April 2005 – The inductive proximity sensors of SICK’s IM series in Inox housings are of particular interest for the food and beverages industries.
IN 4000 – inductive door and position monitoring in the highest safety category
Waldkirch, April 2005 – The IN 4000 inductive safety system is a friction-free, vibration-proof, installation-friendly and contamination-immune solution for safe door or position monitoring in harsh...
ICR 840 – the new 2-D code reader with a matrix sensor
Waldkirch, April 2005 – SICK is presenting the new ICR 840 2-D code reader at the Hanover Industrial Trade Fair 2005.
Format adjustment from SICK: Hiperdrive – the positioning drive for rapid product changes
Waldkirch, April 2005 – Time savings, precision and reproducibility of settings, fewer rejects, greater quality and a high level of operating reliability – HIPERDRIVE (the high integrated performance...
IT 5620 and IT 4620 mobile code readers: greater freedom of movement with Bluetooth
Waldkirch, April 2005 – With the combination of bar code or 2-D code reading and Bluetooth data transmission, the new IT 5620 and IT 4620 hand-held scanners bring “movement” to data detection in...
DT 10 – analogue distance measurement for 50 - 500 mm
Waldkirch, April 2005 – SICK has rounded out its distance measurement portfolio with a compact distance sensor: the DT 10 in the tried-and-tested W18 photoelectric switch housing.
DRS 61 – the incremental encoder that customers can programme
Waldkirch, April 2005 – Programmability by customers themselves is the strength of the new DRS 61 incremental encoder from SICK-STEGMANN.
DME 5000 – the first distance measuring device with a Hiperface interface
Waldkirch, April 2005 – SICK is presenting the DME 5000, the world’s first laser distance measuring device with a Hiperface interface (short for: high-performance interface) at the Hanover Industrial...
DKV 60 – the compact measuring wheel encoder for conveyor belts
Waldkirch, April 2005 – With its DKV 60 incremental measurement wheel encoder SICK STEGMANN presents a compact, economical and installation-friendly solution for determining the position and speed of...
The CVS 2 Colour Vision Sensor: the far-sighted 2-D colour sorter
Waldkirch, April 2005 – 2-D colour detection over operating distances of up to 270 mm, sorting of up to 15 colours, differentiation of objects with two colours, and the possibility of transferring...
CQ 28 – the flat capacitive sensor with long switching distances
Waldkirch, April 2005 – Filling level detection in tanks, containers or pipe systems over switching distances of up to 10 mm is a typical application of the CQ 28 capacitive proximity switch.
The CS 8 Colour Sensor: to-the-point colour detection
Waldkirch, April 2005 – With its new CS 8 Colour Sensor, SICK brings high-end colour detection to the point at the Hanover Industrial Trade Fair and at Interpack in Düsseldorf.
”Food-enabled” AS-i field module: automation with no sell-by date
Waldkirch, April 2005 – The new ASI-S24261 AS-interface field module, in its IP69 K stainless steel housing, promises automation with no sell-by date.
CLV 405 – bar-code reading in the tightest of spaces
Waldkirch, April 2005 – The CLV 405 bar-code scanner is the right solution wherever maximum reading power is required but space is limited.
C 4000 Palletiser: pattern detection improves access protection during automated material transport
Waldkirch, June 2005 ¡V The dynamic, self-learning blanking function of the C 4000 Palletiser safety light curtain offers safety, availability, supplementary functions, and installation and operating...
New M 4000 Standard multiple light-beam safety device - The powerful successorto the trend-setter MSL
A non-distorting profile with 3 mounting slots, configuration buttons on the device itself, LEDs on the receiver housing, an integrated laser alignment aid for each beam, bus connection via the...
“Curtain up!” Concentrating on the essentials
Waldkirch, October 2005 – The new safety light curtains of the C4000 series from SICK are called the Eco and Basic Plus.
C4000 Palletiser: pattern detection improves access protection during automated material transport
Waldkirch, October 2005 - The dynamic, self-learning blanking function of the C4000 Palletiser safety light curtain offers safety, availability, supplementary functions, and installation and...
The WLL170-2 fibre-optic series with improved performance features
Waldkirch, October 2005 – The recognition of small objects, of objects in front of an interfering background, of colour marks and transparent objects are just some of the strengths of the WLL170-2...
M4000 multiple light beam safety devices – good-looking tailor-made safety
Waldkirch, October 2005 – The new M4000 family of multiple light beam safety devices offers category 4 safety in compliance with IEC 61496, and SIL 3 according to IEC 61508.
The OPC Server: networked safety sensor diagnosis from any location
Waldkirch, October 2005 – For the first time, the status and diagnostic data of electro-sensitive protective equipment and safety controllers from SICK can now be visualised within a company network...
RFID at SICK: new read/write system with 13.56 MHz technology
Waldkirch, October 2005 – RFID is now in SICK’s product portfolio.
New motor feedback system stirs up “resolver gangs”
Waldkirch, October 2005 – A 16-fold improvement in resolution, an electronic type label, and a HIPERFACE interface are the trump cards with which the new SEK52 capacitive encoder is stirring up the...
The ICR890 high-end CCD camera system
Waldkirch, October 2005 ¡V The new ICR890 from SICK is a high-end CCD camera system for reading 1-D bar codes and 2-D codes.
BKS/PKS wire-draw encoders: compact alternatives with 5 m measurement length
Donaueschingen, October 2005 – SICK-STEGMANN has supplemented its programme for position and path determination with the BKS absolute wire-draw encoder and the PKS incremental wire-draw encoder.
DRS61 – the programmable incremental encoder
Waldkirch, October 2005 – Individual programmability is the strength of the DRS61 incremental encoder from SICK-STEGMANN.
Pick-to-light – light curtain in a reflex design for reliable retrieval from small-parts shelves
Waldkirch, October 2005 – The new Pick2Light light curtain from SICK, the first in an installation- and user-friendly reflex design, is the ergonomic and economical solution for checking picking and...
MZT6 magnetic cylinder sensors: greater performance newly packaged
Waldkirch, October 2005 – Greater performance in new packaging – the new MZT6 magnetic cylinder sensor is more than “just” a redesign.
Vision camera inspects packaging and printing in a single pass
Waldkirch, October 2005 – New tools for character detection makes it possible: with the IVC-2D Industrial Vision Camera both packaging and its printing can be inspected at the same time.
The IN4000 inductive safety sensor now in cylindrical housings
Waldkirch, October 2005 – In addition to cubic housings, the IN4000 series now also offers sensors in cylindrical metal threaded housings.
Expanded CVS series offers colour detection, sorting, shape inspection and character recognition
Waldkirch, October 2005 – The success story of the Colour Vision Sensor continues.
Innovation pays: SICK sets new earnings record
Waldkirch, 11 April 2005. SICK AG sustained its strong growth in the 2004 fiscal year: Group sales grew by 8.
Change to Supervisory Board of SICK AG
Waldkirch, 4 October 2005 – As announced at the Annual General Shareholders’ Meeting in June 2005, for reasons of health the former Chairman of the Supervisory Board of SICK AG, Mr Volker Reiche,...
SICK boosts its business field of Motorfeedback Systems
Waldkirch / Misgav, 17 January, 2006. SICK AG has concluded an asset deal which will see it acquire a large share of the assets of Netzer Precision Motion Sensors Ltd.
C4000 Guest: ultra-compact safety light curtain with wide-ranging functions
Waldkirch, April 2006 – With the C4000 Guest, SICK adds a particularly compact system to its family of Category 4 safety light curtains for protecting hazardous points-of-operation.
Clone Plug rapidly restores safety
Waldkirch, April 2006 – Clone Plug is a new memory module with which the parameterisation of C4000 safety light curtains and M4000 multiple light beam safety devices is stored externally, and can be...
The DS40 Distance Sensor with light time-of-flight evaluation: basis solution immune to ambient light for industrial distance measurement
Waldkirch, April 2006 – “Technology without compromises” is the philosophy behind the new DS40 distance sensor.
DT20 – the precise analogue distance scanner for medium ranges
Waldkirch, April 2006 – With the new DT20, SICK has supplemented its product family of analogue distance sensors with a device for ranges of between 90 mm and 1,000 mm.
Line camera system with GigE Vision
Waldkirch, April 2006 – The new ICR890 from SICK is a high-end reading system for bar codes, as well as PDF and Data Matrix codes.
IES inside: SICK exploits new chip platform for its electromagnetic sensors
Waldkirch, April 2006 – SICK is presenting inductive and magnetic sensors with a completely new type of chip technology at the Hanover Industrial Trade Fair 2006.
IO Link: open interface standard for fieldbus-neutral sensor/actuator communication
Waldkirch, April 2006 – First the WT18-3 photoelectric proximity switch was presented as the first standard sensor with a fieldbus connection at the HMI 2005.
Maximum safety through minimum reaction time: SICK presents the UE470 – the fastest safety controller currently available for presses
Waldkirch, April 2006 – SICK is presenting the UE470, the fastest safety controller currently available for presses and revolving transfer tables, at the Hanover Industrial Trade Fair 2006.
W100L: laser sensors in mini-format
Waldkirch, April 2006 – With the new W100L series, SICK has supplemented its range of efficient miniature photoelectric switches with reasonably priced and powerful laser sensors.
Miniature photoelectric switches open up new possibilities in the smallest of spaces
Waldkirch, April 2006 – Those considering miniature sensors want powerful automation solutions in the smallest of spaces.
Flexibility from modularity: the “softwareless” UE410 FLEXI safety controller
Waldkirch, April 2006 – UE410 FLEXI is the name of the new “softwareless” safety controller from SICK.
The MZ2Q magnetic cylinder sensor: mounted once, detects twice
Waldkirch, April 2006 – The new MZ2Q offers two switching points in one device.
IT6300 DPM: new hand-held scanner for direct part marking applications
Waldkirch, April 2006 – With the cable-connected IT6300 DPM and the IT6320 DPM Bluetooth version (with a 10 m radio range), SICK is presenting a new series of hand-held CMOS scanners for identifying...
LD LRS: laser measurement system for automated loading and unloading of ships
Waldkirch, April 2006 – At this year’s Hanover Industrial Trade Fair (HMI), SICK is presenting the LD LRS laser measurement system – a powerful automation solution for the loading and unloading of...
S300: the world’s smallest safety laser scanner
Waldkirch, April 2006 – The new S300 is currently the most compact and reasonably priced safety solution, based on a laser scanner, for monitoring smaller hazardous areas with a maximum protective...
CE machine safety: on the safe side with Safexpert 5.0 and Service Pack 2
Waldkirch, April 2006 – The EN ISO 12100-1 and -2 standards for the construction and risk assessment of machines have become applicable following their publication in the official journal of the...
Germany’s Best Employers 2006
Berlin/Waldkirch, 2 February 2006 – SICK AG is again one of Germany’s most attractive employers in 2006.
XKS: the new wire-draw encoder with HIPERFACE® interface
Waldkirch, November 2006 – SICK STEGMANN has supplemented its series of compact, robust and precise absolute wire-draw encoders with the new XKS with HIPERFACE® interface.
Small optical head, great configuration possibilities: the new W130L laser photoelectric switch
Waldkirch, November 2006 – Small optical heads and configurable evaluation units open up a variety of intelligent functional possibilities for the new W130L series of laser photoelectric switches.
A world first in safety automation: UE44x7 safety remote controllers
Waldkirch, November 2006 – For the first time, users can achieve direct in-situ safety automation without requiring the control cabinet – with compact, decentralised UE44x7 safety remote controllers...
The UE410 Flexi - Perfect safety management: compact safety controller without software
Waldkirch, November 2006 – The UE410 Flexi multifunctional interface from SICK offers modular safety.
The S200 safety laser scanner: Category 2 area protection for stationary and mobile use
Waldkirch, November 2006 – SICK has augmented its series of compact, light and low-current safety laser scanners with the S200.
ICR860 2-D code reader convincing in long-range applications
Waldkirch, November 2006 – The new ICR860 is a flexible, pre-configured vision system for the automatic identification of data matrix codes.
Ranger E – the world’s fastest camera for 3-D contour measurement
Waldkirch, November 2006 – 35,000 contour profiles per second, more than 1,500 pieces of 3-D contour data per profile – the Ranger E camera system sets the standard in 3-D contour measurement under...
OCR vision sensor watches out for label(s)
Waldkirch, November 2006 – The new CVS4 is a very rapid, compact and reasonably priced plug & play image processing sensor which is particularly suitable for every type of label inspection.
Interface Adapter Modules: convert HIPERFACE to SSI or Profibus
Waldkirch, November 2006 – Whether rotative or linear – all path measurement or position determination systems with a HIPERFACE interface can now be flexibly connected to SSI or Profibus with the...
Magnetic proximity sensors in new short housings: greater precision
Waldkirch, November 2006 – A five-fold improvement in switching accuracy, a considerable reduction in hysteresis – the new magnetic proximity sensors in space-saving short housings offer numerous...
Greater resolution = lower safety distance
Waldkirch, November 2006 – The M4000 series of multiple light beam safety devices has grown: there are two new “Advanced Curtain” variants with resolutions that have been increased to 14 mm and 30...
POMUX KH53 Advanced: magneto-resistive positioning system with improved positional tolerance
Waldkirch, November 2006 – The POMUX KH53 absolute linear encoder system is now available as an Advanced version, with a positional tolerance that has been substantially increased to 20 mm.
The MZT6 magnetic cylinder sensor: SICK’s GMR technology prevents scattered switching points
Waldkirch, November 2006 – Maximum response accuracy, the prevention of scattered switching points, and particular user-friendliness, immunity to EMC and vibrations are the most important features of...
The MZ2Q magnetic cylinder sensor: once mounted, twice taught-in, endlessly switched
Waldkirch, November 2006 – “Teach me twice” is the new MZ2Q’s motto.
Magnetic cylinder sensors with greater functional and reliability reserves
Waldkirch, November 2006 – Better switching by far: the Advanced series from SICK extends the range of uses of magnetic cylinder sensors.
The IVC-3D 3-D smart camera now focused on small parts and pallets
Waldkirch, November 2006 – At the SPS/IPC/DRIVES 2006 trade fair in Nuremberg, SICK-IVP is presenting two new versions of what is still the world’s only 3-D smart camera: the IVC-3D.
MLG: the first automation light curtain with IO-Link
Waldkirch, November 2006 – Whether purely switching or with a measurement function – the MLG automation light curtain from SICK now has an optional IO-Link interface.
Single part verification with the CVS3 Contour Vision Sensor: focused on corners and edges
Waldkirch, November 2006 – The CVS3 Contour Vision Sensor from SICK allows reliable and economical detection of contours and their deviation from a taught-in object pattern.
SICK on course for record in Jubilee year
Waldkirch, 4 August 2006. In 2006, one of the world’s leading sensor producers is continuing the dynamic growth of the previous year.
SICK MAIHAK GmbH holds over 95% stake in Maihak AG
Waldkirch / Hamburg, 28. March 2006. SICK MAIHAK GmbH, Waldkirch, a 100% subsidiary of SICK AG, now holds more than 95% of the shares of Maihak AG, Hamburg, which is listed on the stock exchange.
SICK continues its run of successes
Waldkirch, 20 April 2006. SICK AG continued its dynamic development during the 2005 fiscal year.
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