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WLL190T-2: fibre-optic photoelectric switch for high-speed applications
Waldkirch, April 2007 – With two programmable switching thresholds per device, an additional analogue output, and a response time of 60 µs, the new WLL190T-2 sets the standard for fibre-optic cable photoelectric switches. Together with over 80 different fibre-optic cables in the LL3 series from SICK it offers ideal automation solutions. This is particularly the case for those tasks where little mounting space is available, the sensor head (i.e. the fibre-optic cable) must be adapted to meet the needs of the application, or the sensor (as an evaluation unit) must be installed at a distance to the objects to be detected – due to EMC, high temperatures or chemical effects.

Depending on the fibre-optic cable selected, even very small objects can be reliably detected with the WLL190T-2 – at high speeds and over ranges of up to 4000 mm. When implementing different detection tasks, two differing switching thresholds (each with a separate switching output) can be programmed by teach-in via the connection cable. With the help of the analogue output, the user can signal object properties such as cloudiness, transmission or positioning to a controller. All programming steps, status indications, and the display of expected and actual values are visualised on two four-digit numerical indicators.

Use as a single sensor or in sensor group

The WLL190T-2 is intended for installation on a mounting rail and, depending on the task, can be operated as an individual sensor or in a sensor group. For this purpose, the device has integrated bus technology that allows up to 16 sensors to be plugged in for interference-free cascading. This cuts the wiring effort and also allows the adjustment parameters of one WLL190T-2 to be copied onto all the other bus participants.

The WLL190T-2 is a high-end sensor in the fibre-optic segment and is intended for solving demanding automation tasks in the electronics and semiconductor industry, in packaging machine technology, in assembly and handling systems, and generally in compact machines for the most varied of applications.

SICK: competence in fibre-optic cables

SICK is also a market and technology leader in the fibre-optic photoelectric switch segment. A variety of state-of-the-art device series for mounting in control cabinets or the field can be combined with a wide range of fibre-optic cables. If necessary, special solutions can be designed – at short notice, flexibly and with SICK’s typical high quality.