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New W8 series of photoelectric switches: rapid, background-independent, with close-range suitability
Waldkirch, April 2007 The new W8 series of photoelectric switches from SICK offers autocollimation technology for close-range work and a narrow light path, reliable suppression of objects in the background, and rapid switching frequencies. The series includes three devices: the WL8 photoelectric reflex switch, the WTB8 photoelectric proximity switch and its laser version, the WTB8L. The housing design, with its mounting slots, meets the installation requirements of, e.g. handling and warehousing systems, vending machines, or the print and paper industry, and thus permits simple upgrading to a more powerful sensor technology.

The performance data of the W8 series, vital for the various tasks, is highly convincing. Rapid applications can be solved with a switching frequency of up to 2 KHz. Thanks to the autocollimation technology, the WL8 photoelectric reflex switch can also detect objects through narrow openings and through screens. Moreover, because there are no dead zones, it also offers full usability at close range. It has a maximum range of 3 m.

The WTB8 photoelectric proximity switch has a high switching reliability, even when there are reflections in the background. Sources of optical interference in the area of use have no effect on its reliable detection the scanner is ideally suited for difficult applications. Both scanner versions, laser as well as LED, offer scanning distances of up to 300 mm.
The new W8: install, connect, automate.