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New housings and bus connections: expanded safety switch product portfolio
Waldkirch, April 2007 – SICK has further expanded its portfolio of electromechanical and non-contact safety switches and locking devices in time for the Hanover Trade Fair 2007. Smaller housings, AS-i device versions and more integrated functions are the features required during practical operation. Four new device series are being presented.

i15 Lock: great safety in small housing

The new i15 Lock safety locking device is particularly compact. The housing length has been reduced by up to 50% compared to other locking devices (depending on the version of the mechanical or electrical safety locking device). This is advantageous wherever machines with light doors or Plexiglas hoods require monitoring. Depending on the robustness of the door, SICK offers the i15 Lock with plastic or metal heads. The safety switch is really big in functional terms: it detects the opening and locking state of movable barriers and has a retention power of up to 1,500 N.

i18-AS-i & i10 Lock-AS-i: safety switches with AS-i Safety at Work bus connection

The safety switches i18-AS-i (with a separate actuator) and i10lock AS-i (safety locking device) have been supplemented with an AS-i Safety at Work interface. As a result, their safety tasks can now be directly integrated in a machine’s AS-i network without separate wiring.

Safety switches with expanded connection technology

In addition to connection via a cable gland, the safety switches are now also available with M12 plug-in connector technology. Selected types even have sockets for two plug-in connectors. In this case it is now possible to connect the contacts in series, considerably reducing the installation effort.

i150RP wire-draw switch: greater length, greater function

The new i150RP wire-draw switch offers a wire length of up to 75 m. Longer distances can now be equipped with these safety switches for protecting extended areas such as conveyor belts or feed systems. An emergency stop switch is integrated in the device. The position display and unlocking lever simplify adjustment of wire tension. As an option, status can also be displayed – by means of an indicator light mounted directly on the wire-draw switch.

Safety switch is central component of SafetyPLUS safety philosophy

Electromechanical and non-contact safety switches are important elements of SICK’S overall safety portfolio. Together with optoelectronic protective equipment, safe control solutions and wide-ranging safety-oriented services they offer – in line with SICK’s safetyPLUS philosophy – complete safety solutions over the entire life cycle of machines and plant, involving constant innovation and practical improvements to sensors, switches and controllers. Safety switches from SICK – an innovative portfolio, oriented upon practical use and proven in practical use.

Those who speak of safety do not expect to receive proprietary island solutions from suppliers, but open and inclusive concepts with a high level of sensor, controller and application competence, taking time-related and global dimensions into account – namely the entire machine life cycle and internationalisation.

As the market leader in safety technology, SICK sustains the continuity of its integrated safety thinking and activities with SafetyPlus. Greater integration means keeping all safety-relevant aspects in sight – from the first planning steps and risk analysis to the engineering and project planning phases, and on to the commissioning, repair and modernisation of a machine. Greater integration also leads to economical and future-oriented results with a high level of investment security in the form of comprehensive sensor, controller and service solutions from a single source.

Safe system solutions from SICK mean SafetyPlus for the user.