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New network gateways for electro-sensitive protective equipment
Waldkirch, April 2007 – At the Hanover Trade Fair 2007, SICK is presenting a new product family, called UE-EFI Gateways, for the integration of electro-sensitive protective equipment (ESPE) in PROFIsafe, PROFIBUS DP, Ethernet TCP/IP and CANopen bus systems. A variety of versions of S300 and S3000 safety laser scanners, the C4000 safety light curtain, the M4000 multiple light beam safety device, and UE440/UE470 compact safety controllers can be connected.

The new safety solution with bi-directional data exchange permits the use of the expanded sensor functions of ESPEs from SICK, e.g. the switching of monitored fields in the case of safety laser scanners. The Gateways are connected via the Enhanced Function Interface (EFI) of ESPEs from SICK and are thus suitable for both standard and safe PLCs.

Safe integration increases plant availability

The integration of the ESPE with the help of the new Gateway series allows bi-directional transfer of the ESPE’s configuration, status and diagnostic information in the particular control environment. This permits complete system diagnosis and simple reconfiguration at any time. The integration of the ESPE in a human-machine interface (HMI), and the possibility of remote maintenance of the safety systems, lead to a considerable increase in plant availability.

Those who speak of safety do not expect to receive proprietary island solutions from suppliers, but open and inclusive concepts with a high level of sensor, controller and application competence, taking time-related and global dimensions into account – namely the entire machine life cycle and internationalisation.

As the market leader in safety technology, SICK sustains the continuity of its integrated safety thinking and activities with SafetyPlus. Greater integration means keeping all safety-relevant aspects in sight – from the first planning steps and risk analysis to the engineering and project planning phases, and on to the commissioning, repair and modernisation of a machine. Greater integration also leads to economical and future-oriented results with a high level of investment security in the form of comprehensive sensor, controller and service solutions from a single source.

Safe system solutions from SICK mean SafetyPlus for the user.