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A world first: magnetic cylinder sensor with two switching points for pneumatic cylinders and grippers with C-slots

Waldkirch, April 2007 – At the Hanover Trade Fair 2007, SICK is presenting the world’s first teachable magnetic cylinder sensor for pneumatic cylinders and grippers with C-slots: the MZ2Q-C. The device has an extremely compact and space-saving design – the electronics are now no longer in the housing but integrated in the connection cable. This, and the two independent switching points, makes the sensor the ideal solution for applications with very short cylinder movements.

The compact sensor housing also allows completely sunken, and thus protected, mounting in the slot. Like all MZ2Qs, the version for cylinders and grippers with C-slots also provides two freely adjustable switching points in a single sensor – this means that only one slot is occupied, mounting is easier, and there is less cabling on the cylinder/gripper and in the machine. In addition, the switching points can be easily taught-in – without a special teach-in tool. Thus the sensor is ready for operation quicker – for the detection of switching end-points and for the advance signalling of end positions.

Teach me twice: the sensor concept of the MZ2Q is now also good for the C-slot.