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Laser measurement with Level Control for a quick glance in the box
Waldkirch, April 2007 – The new LMS400 Laser Measurement System with Level Control ensures maximum process reliability during order picking, packaging, despatch or the return of goods in containers. Even while the containers are moving, small objects with unfavourable detection properties can be reliably detected using the automatic “glance in the box” – with the all-in-one sensor. This is of advantage for, among others, distribution centres; mail order companies; courier, express and package service providers; breweries, dairies and other food producers.

The challenge of a reliable glance in the box is not new – previous solutions, however, were often complicated and not always as reliable and maintenance-free as could be desired. This is not the case for the LMS400 with Level Control. The compact laser sensor is installed above a conveyor system and generates a measurement field that is divided up and evaluated in the internal processor as either equidistant or overlapping columns. As a result of almost parallel laser illumination there are no areas of shadow that could impair detection, e.g. at the edge of a box. With a resolution of 1 mm and a measurement accuracy of 4 - 5 mm, even objects of only 30 x 30 x 30 mm³ (roughly the size of a golf ball) are reliably detected. Thus the system functions like a scanning light curtain or a parallel arrangement of individual photoelectric proximity switches – but is much more compact, and offers much simpler installation and maintenance. Furthermore, the application can be implemented with the help of user-friendly setup software in the scanner itself. The LMS400 can immediately provide information for a plant computer, or control a sorting gate, via its digital switching outputs.