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LD-LRS: 3D laser measurement for volume, dimension and profile determination
Waldkirch, April 2007 – The LD-LRS laser measurement system is a powerful outdoor system for non-contact three-dimensional distance detection. LASE GmbH, a member of the SICK Group, supplies the complete unit and, if desired, carries out the necessary integration. The long scanning range of the long-range laser scanner, combined with its swivelling on the mounting platform, allows natural surfaces to be detected at distances of up to 250 m, and conversion of the measurement data to a 3D surface profile. Typical applications of the LD-LRS 3D are detecting filling levels in coal, waste and other bulk material bunkers, determining the profiles of heaps of materials for feed and removal systems, the detection and measurement of containers in ports, and the general detection of object dimensions.

The LD-LRS 3D consists of an LRS long-range laser scanner with a scanning angle of 300° mounted on a platform, and a servo-drive that turns the platform through up to 135°. Constant swivelling at a speed of up to 100°/s is possible, as is the triggered movement of the platform to defined positions. A 3D image of the surroundings can be generated by linking the 2D laser scanner data with the encoder value for the current angle of rotation of the platform.

Highly accurate 3D measurement results

Depending on the reflectivity properties of the object surface to be measured, the range of the LD-LRS 3D is up to 250 m – and even black material with a reflectivity value of about 10% can still be reliably detected at a distance of 80 m. The resolution of the laser scanner can be programmed to between 0.125° and 1.5°; the detected step width of the high-resolution encoder on the platform’s servo-drive is 0.008° – the distance and profile values resulting from measurements are correspondingly highly accurate.

Outdoor-oriented design

Attention was paid to ensure an appropriately robust LD-LRS 3D housing – because the typical areas of use are outdoors. The servo-drive, encapsulated in a separate box, has an enclosure rating of IP66, while the heatable laser scanner is protected against the ingress of dampness and solid materials with a rating of IP67. Immunity to impacts and vibrations complies with IEC 68.