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Outstanding for distant and fine contrasts: the KT8L laser contrast scanner
Waldkirch, April 2007 The new KT8L laser contrast scanner from SICK is suitable for any contrast situation. Its small light spot and long scanning distance make the device a versatile solution for detecting fine and distant contrast marks. Teach-in is particularly comfortable thanks to its simplicity and a bar display showing detection quality. The KT8L is available in four versions, depending on the optics and the desired switching output. The KT8L is suitable for numerous applications, e.g. for detecting the smallest of parts on electronic cards, detecting low contrast differences at long ranges (for determining the presence of transparent objects), or for the detection of sell-by dates on packaging.

Contrast scanners detect grey value differences on objects, e.g. print marks on newspapers, magazines or packaging. The reliable detection of grey value contrasts, e.g. the brightness difference between a mark and its background, is of decisive importance for detection quality. A laser LED and autocollimation give the KT8L a scanning range of from 30 to 800 mm with full depth of focus. The parallel transmission light provides another advantage: the small light spot on the object or contrast mark, even at long distances. Depending on the device version, spot diameter is either 3 mm or 0.3 mm the latter permits detection of even the smallest print marks and labels, or code elements.

User-friendly for optimum availability

With its simple adjustment via teach-in, the KT8L is fit for any contrast situation. Users can check the device directly: they can determine signal quality during commissioning and operation by means of the integrated bar display and, if necessary, make re-adjustments. The analogue output provides a signal of 0.15 - 10 mA. The switching signals are available as a NPN- or PNP-switching output, depending on the device version selected.

Easy installation, industry-oriented design

The KT8L is easy to install. The device offers options with two different light exit directions, so the device can be mounted in any orientation. In use, its industry-oriented design in a robust metal housing with an enclosure rating of IP67 ensures availability of the scanner. Immunity to impacts and vibrations is guaranteed, in compliance with IEC 68.