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The IT4820i Bluetooth hand-held scanner guarantees mobility and reading performance
Waldkirch, April 2007 – Bluetooth data radio and the latest generation of image capture technology are the most important features of the new IT4820i radio hand-held scanner. Whether bar codes, 2D codes, OCR or pure image capture – almost all types of labels common in transport, logistics and other industrial processes can now be even more reliably detected with the IT4820i. Thus the device opens up a wide spectrum of mobile applications in industry.

The fifth generation of the powerful Adaptus™ imaging technology enables the IT4820i to rapidly detect, and reliably evaluate, labels – and thus provides maximum reading performance. A Bluetooth V1.2 radio module in the IT4820i ensures transmission of the reading information in a cable-free network. Users can work online within a radius of 10 m from the basis station. Outside this range, any codes scanned are stored temporarily in the device itself and automatically transmitted to the basis station on re-entering radio range. The adaptive frequency hopping process protects data transfer from interference from the surroundings, while also ensuring that channels already occupied (e.g. by W-LAN) are not interfered with.

Ideally designed for practical use

Scanning performance, tool-free battery changes and a high level of robustness show how ideally designed the IT4820i is for everyday use. The modern lithium ion battery allows up to 50,000 scans per charge. It is particularly easy to replace a battery in the IT4820i. The battery compartment in the handle has a small wheel for opening it – no tool is now necessary for changing the battery. The housing and the “interior life” of the IT4820i are designed to be so strong that the device is still fully functional even after being dropped 50 times from a height of 2 m. All the features together make the IT4820i a reliable device with long availability – even under harsh operating conditions.