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Best applied automation from Rexroth and SICK based on open standards - Lohr a. Main / Waldkirch – As long ago as 2006, Bosch Rexroth AG and SICK AG arranged a technical co-operation in the area of factory automation.  more... PDF (72k)
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SICK sustains growth momentum - Waldkirch, 31 July 2008. To date, SICK has not felt any significant impact of the crisis affecting the international financial markets.  more... PDF (89k)
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“Smart” light curtain solution for lifts, automatic doors and industrial applications - Waldkirch, April 2008 – The new SLG light curtain (Smart Light Grid) is the reliable and installation-friendly solution for monitoring lifts or automatic doors, as well as for detection tasks on...  more... PDF (49k)
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Greater plant availability with new magnetic safety switches - Waldkirch, April 2008 – The new reed switches of the RE series from SICK are the ideal choice for protecting mechanical guards on machines and plant.  more... PDF (47k)
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New rugged series of device and mirror columns for protecting access and hazardous points-of-operation - Waldkirch, April 2008 – Greater sturdiness, maximum availability, simple and economical handling and installation, and suitable accessories, e.  more... PDF (50k)
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Certified by the TÜV, presented by SICK: the world’s first outdoor safety scanner - Waldkirch, April 2008 – SICK is presenting the world’s first certified safe laser scanner system for outdoor use, the OS2000, at the Hanover Trade Fair 2008.  more... PDF (59k)
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The OD Precision displacement sensor: precise measurement, precise knowledge - Waldkirch, April 2008 – Improved accuracy, linearity, the finest of resolutions and material-optimised measurement algorithms – the name of the OD Precision, the fifth generation of displacement...  more... PDF (54k)
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The MZT8 magnetic cylinder sensor: short housing, easy handling, best resistance - Waldkirch, April 2008 – The new MZT8 magnetic cylinder sensor offers numerous innovations.  more... PDF (54k)
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Filling level detection and protection against running dry with the LFV200 vibrating limit switch - Waldkirch, April 2008 – SICK is presenting the LFV200, a compact limit level sensor with a vibrating fork, at the Hanover Trade Fair 2008.  more... PDF (54k)
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Vehicle control via laser – in all weather and light conditions - Waldkirch, April 2008 – The LD MRS laser scanner is a powerful sensor that can reliably detect its surroundings even in poor weather conditions.  more... PDF (50k)
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Compact, high-contrast, communication-enabled - Waldkirch, April 2008 – The new compact and communication-enabled contrast scanner from SICK is called the KT3/IO-Link.  more... PDF (56k)
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Mobile data transmission via light: from the S/R device to the controller at 3 Mbit/s - Waldkirch, April 2008 – Compact dimensions, integrated display with switchable carrier frequency (F1/2), 180 m range, transmission rates of up to 3 Mbit/s and Profibus interface are the most...  more... PDF (49k)
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In practical use: the world’s first plant with IO Link technology - Waldkirch, April 2008 – meurer Verpackungssysteme recently commissioned the world’s first productive plant with IO Link technology at Duni GmbH & Co.  more... PDF (57k)
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Inspector – the intelligent vision solution for inspecting parts - Waldkirch, April 2008 – The Inspector from SICK is a compact, user-friendly and reliable 2D vision sensor for inspecting parts and products in varying orientations and positions.  more... PDF (64k)
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Improved reading, greater performance with the new ICR code readers from SICK - Waldkirch, April 2008 – A new generation of devices will represent the ICR series of code readers at the Hanover Trade Fair 2008.  more... PDF (55k)
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Automatic format adjustment in its most compact housing - Waldkirch / Donaueschingen, April 2008 – The new customer-specific HRA08 compact format adjustment drive, which will be presented for the first time at Interpack 2008 by SICK STEGMANN and the Italian...  more... PDF (65k)
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HIPERDRIVE Hub with CANopen - Waldkirch / Donaueschingen, April 2008 – The new CANopen HIPERDRIVE Hub is a connection module for distributing performance and the data management of up to 64 HIPERDRIVE format adjustment drives, e.  more... PDF (53k)
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Flexi Soft – the safety controller that makes it easy  - Waldkirch, April 2008 – The new Flexi Soft is a powerful, modular and easily commissioned safety controller which, due to its scalability, can be efficiently adapted to the requirements of a wide...  more... PDF (61k)
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Emergency stop button supplements safety product portfolio - Waldkirch, April 2008 – SICK has further expanded its product portfolio with the emergency stop buttons of the ES21 series.  more... PDF (51k)
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New distance sensor for quality inspections with millimetre accuracy - Waldkirch, April 2008 – The new DT20 Hi distance sensor from SICK offers device versions for four measurement ranges up to 1,000 mm, high accuracy for precise measurement tasks, and reliability even...  more... PDF (53k)
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Distance sensor for double-depth checking of storage bays in high-bay warehouses - Waldkirch, April 2008 – SICK has expanded its portfolio of industrial distance sensors with a new version of the DS30.  more... PDF (48k)
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Position finder detects fine differences - Waldkirch, April 2008 – The new DMP3 position finder makes all the difference during the positioning of mobile transport equipment in handling and warehousing systems.  more... PDF (50k)
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Ideal for position detection in aisles - Waldkirch, April 2008 – The new DME4000 laser distance measurement system is the precise and cost-efficient solution for detecting the position of storage and retrieval devices in warehouse aisles,...  more... PDF (57k)
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“Highly prized”: high-resolution incremental encoder family for all mounting options - Waldkirch / Donaueschingen, April 2008 – The high-resolution incremental encoders of the DFS60 series from SICK STEGMANN cover every desired type of mounting.  more... PDF (69k)
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New high-speed bar code scanner offers data output in the desired format - Waldkirch, April 2008 – A high reading frequency, CAN and Ethernet TCP/IP on board, simple setup and rapid parameterisation are the highlights of the CLV630 series of bar code scanners from SICK.  more... PDF (58k)
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Scanner connectivity via plug & play - Waldkirch, April 2008 – The new CDF600 connection box allows easy integration in Profibus networks for all bar code scanners of SICK’s CLV6xx series.  more... PDF (48k)
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Great demand for intelligent sensors from SICK - Waldkirch, 17 April 2008. In the dynamic economic situation of the 2007 fiscal year, the SICK Group achieved sales amounting to EUR 707.  more... RTF (315k)
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Excellent jobs at SICK – internationally, too - Berlin/Waldkirch/Helsinki, 12 February 2008 – SICK AG is still one of Germany’s most attractive employers in 2008.  more... PDF (135k)
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SICK founds subsidiary in Romania - Waldkirch/Timisoara – Sensor producer SICK has used the occasion of this year’s accession of Romania to the European Union, the heavy domestic demand there, and the growth expected in many sectors...  more... PDF (53k)
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SICK completes reorganisation of Executive Board  - Waldkirch, 16 May 2007. SICK AG, the world’s leading producer of industrial sensors and sensor solutions has completed the reorganisation of its Executive Board.  more... RTF (154k)
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