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“Dazzling” distance measurement: the DT20 Hi distance sensor with analogue output
Waldkirch, April 2007 – SICK has taken a leading position in the market segment of medium-range distance measurement – with the new DT20 Hi. With its laser light transmitter and CMOS receiver element, the analogue distance sensor masters almost all surfaces – from white to black, from matt to glossy – with extremely high immunity to ambient light. The three versions of the DT20 Hi, for the measurement ranges of 50 - 150 mm, 100 - 300 mm and 10 - 600 mm, offer top values regarding accuracy (up to +/- 0.5 mm), reproducibility (up to +/- 0.2 mm) and resolution (< 0.1 mm).

A display shows the particularly user-friendly Setup menu. The new type of plug concept allows connection of the sensor at any angle through 90°. During operation, the robust metal housing protects the sensor from mechanical stresses.

A suitable solution for numerous distance applications

SICK’s great experience in distance measurement – with the broadest product portfolio of its type, from the µ-range to km distances – is reflected in the DT20 Hi. In “classic” applications, such as the regulation of winding processes, the positioning of robots or other objects, the classification of screws and other metallic components, or surface quality inspections, the analogue distance sensor offers expanded measurement availability and functional reserves. The innovative applications that can be implemented with the DT20 Hi include the highly accurate positioning of gantry units or solutions for the automatic laying of flooring and tiles.

It is expected that the precision and user-friendliness of the DT20 Hi will open up further new areas of use.