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The DS30 Distance Sensor: distance measurement with technological lead
Waldkirch, April 2007 Its standard photoelectric housing and new time-of-flight process make the new DS30 the technology trendsetter for distance measurement. Regardless of the object colour, the compact device provides a scanning distance of 2 m and highly precise background suppression. The DS30 is more than just an expansion of one of the widest portfolios of industrial distance sensors on the market with its hitherto unique combination of small housing size and precision the DS30 represents a new era of time-of-flight of light measurement.

The DS30 is the first device to measure the time-of-flight of light using a completely new type of electronic evaluation process. The high resolution and reproducibility thus achieved gives the DS30 its high level of precision and reliability even with low object reflectivity. Perfect background suppression allows optimum distance measurement with the DS30. This is particularly important when the sensor is aligned in open spaces, e.g. on conveyor systems or high-bay stackers. Whether reflective metal beams in the shelf construction, vehicles with reflectors passing by, or personnel with reflective safety jackets no problem for the DS30.

Precise, reliable switching, always available in every task

Extremely accurate distancing, maintenance of gaps, checking presence the DS30 covers areas of use that could hardly be more different. Even extremely dirty pallet feet are reliably detected when checking the occupancy of storage bays in handling and warehousing systems. In package distribution centres, packages of all sizes and colours are reliably detected at distances of up to 2 m, e.g. to trigger bar-code reading stations. This small sensor, with its large functional reserves, offers versatile use even in the harsh environments of the rubber, paper and steel industries.