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XKS: the new wire-draw encoder with HIPERFACE® interface
Waldkirch, November 2006 – SICK STEGMANN has supplemented its series of compact, robust and precise absolute wire-draw encoders with the new XKS with HIPERFACE® interface. The XKS, designed for measurement lengths of up to 5 m, is used for position and path determination applications in which mounting space must be saved and a robust complete unit is required. Typical areas of use for this device are presses, stamping and spaying machines, wood and metal processing machines, apparatus construction, special machines, medical technology or drive technology.

The XKS wire-draw encoder is used like a rotative stand-alone encoder for determining position. The encoder can thus be used as a path encoder for regulating motors and positioning via a single interface – Hiperface. This prevents the need to implement another expensive interface card in the controller (in contrast to standard encoders used as path encoders) in plants in which motor feedback encoders with Hiperface are already used to regulate drives via a servo-regulator.

Integration in fieldbus environments possible

If required, integration of the XKS in a fieldbus environment can be achieved with the help of an Interface Adapter Module developed by Sick-Stegmann for Profibus, and later also for CANopen and DeviceNet. Thus the XKS with HIPERFACE® interface meets every communication requirement – especially as the actual wire-draw encoder is also available as the BKS version with SSI interface and as the PKS version with TTL interface.