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W 23-2 – economical automation
Waldkirch, April 2005 – The W 23-2, which SICK is presenting at the Hanover Industrial Trade Fair, is a new generation of photoelectric switches offering economical automation solutions. Plug & play photoelectric switches and easy teach-in photoelectric proximity switches reflect what really counts: simple installation, rapid commissioning and reliable long-term operation. The 360° LED indicator allows rapid checking of functions from any angle. All devices are electrically and mechanically compatible with the predecessor series. Standardised connector technology permits easy, rapid and economical integration in machines and plants, e.g. in handling and storage technology, wood processing or in the door and gate segment.

The photoelectric switches and proximity switches of the W 23-2 series are, above all, designed for the economical solution of object detection applications.

Photoelectric switches: quickly ready for action

Whether with AC or DC voltage supply – the new WL 23-2 photoelectric reflex switch offers a typical maximum range of 0.1 - 10 m, and its rapid readiness for operation is highly convincing. This is not only due to the standardised mechanical and electrical connector technology, but also to the sensor’s excellent alignment capability. The red light spot generated by the transmitter LED is easily visible on the reflector – and the photoelectric switch is correspondingly quickly ready for action. With its polarisation filter, the WL 23-2 also offers maximum detection reliability with highly reflective object surfaces.

Photoelectric proximity switch: for short and long ranges

The W 23-2 series offers several scanner variants. The WTE 23-2 is an energetic photoelectric proximity switch which, thanks to its easy teach-in process, is ready for operation in seconds. The device, with an infrared transmitter LED, has a wide scanning range of between 300 and 2,000 mm and can be operated with 24 V DC. The WT 23-2 HGU photoelectric reflex switch is available for applications in which reliable suppression of the scanning background is vital: either with red light and a scanning distance of 100 – 800 mm or with infrared, a range of 100 – 1,000 mm, and power supply options of 24 V DC or 240 V AC.

The W 23-2 series thus offers technically reliable object detection with economical concentration on features of principal importance.