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Small optical head, great configuration possibilities: the new W130L laser photoelectric switch
Waldkirch, November 2006 – Small optical heads and configurable evaluation units open up a variety of intelligent functional possibilities for the new W130L series of laser photoelectric switches. This benefits applications such as detecting the smallest of objects, sorting according to part size, or regulating web edges – particularly when the mounting location is limited in space or can only be accessed with difficulty.

The separation of optics and evaluation – the latter available with both digital and analogue outputs – permits users to configure the correct W130L for their needs. This applies for all the devices of the series: the energetic scanner (WT130 L), the photoelectric reflex switch (WL130 L) and the two through-beam systems (WS/WE130), whose laser optics differ: while the “Spot” variant generates a minute laser spot on the object, and can thus precisely detect even the smallest of parts, the “Line” version offers a 30-mm-wide laser line with parallel light. Combination with the evaluation unit, which has both switching and analogue outputs, opens up interesting possibilities, e.g. detecting small, inaccurately transported parts; evaluating parts or sorting them according to size; or regulating web edges.

Evaluation units open up many configuration possibilities

The W130 L series offers two different evaluation units – users can choose between either one switching output or the combination of switching and analogue output. Objects can be taught into the device very easily, despite the wide-ranging configuration possibilities, e.g. light/dark switching or switch-on/switch-off delay. And it is also possible to teach-in the device externally via the control wire. Depending on the task, the switching frequency can be set to the optimum balance of accuracy and speed.

The W130 L series thus offers an opportunity to cover a wide spectrum of applications with a single device family.