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VTB 18 – the cylindrical photoelectric proximity switch for demanding tasks
Waldkirch, April 2005 – The new VTB 18 with background suppression extends the V18 series of powerful photoelectric switches in cylindrical M18 housings. Among its special features are the extremely small light spot, with which even narrow or dark objects are reliably detected. The scanner’s operating distance lies between 30 mm and 130 mm, whereby users can simply set “their” scanning distance by potentiometer. Its highly precise background suppression is of particular interest: the small transition zone between the scanning distance and the background allows precise object detection without interference from the immediate background.

Visible red light transmission, and the easily discernible light spot on the object, simplify alignment of the scanner during installation and commissioning. Thanks to the standardised M18 mounting concept and the proven connector technology (an M12 device plug or connection cable) the VTB 18, as indeed the entire V 18 series, offers numerous possibilities for use regardless of the sector involved.

V 18 – the series with the wide range of uses

The VTB 18 is the latest product in the wide-ranging V 18 series, which is always the right solution when powerful sensors are to be used within the framework of a single-hole M18 installation concept. VS/VE 18 through-beam photoelectric switches offer ranges of up to 20 m and are available (like all the devices in this series) with a variety of connection options and housing materials. The VL 18 photoelectric proximity switch has a range of 0.05 - 3.7 m. Thanks to a polarisation filter it can also detect highly reflective objects with great reliability. Depending on their design, objects can be detected at 50 mm or 200 mm with the VLL 18 fibre-optic photoelectric switch. It is used, in particular, when space is limited and offers simple sensitivity adjustment by teach-in on the device or via a control cable. The VT 18 energetic photoelectric proximity switch is also highly versatile, as it is available with scanning distance options of 50 mm, 10 mm, 200 mm, 400 mm and 800 mm.

Sensor housing allows intelligent sensor and system solutions

As the leading supplier of sensors for automation technology, SICK offers all common physical sensor principles with M 18 housing and installation technology:

 the optoelectronic sensors of the V 18 family of photoelectric switches,
 the inductive proximity switches of the IM 18 series,
 the capacitive proximity switches of the CM 18 series, and
 MM 18 magnetic proximity switches.

Thus the most varied of industrial automation tasks can be solved. If the conditions under which detection is to take place are changed, users can rapidly adopt a more suitable sensor principle – as all devices offer compatible electrical connection, in addition to their identically dimensioned M 18 housings.