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UE 440/UE 470 – the multifunctional interfaces for enhanced safety requirements
Waldkirch, April 2005 – Extensive safety functions on machines and plants with heightened protective requirements can be flexibly and efficiently implemented with UE 440/UE 470 programmable safety controllers. Whereby safety applications can be achieved with up to two separate or linked switch-off paths. 15 inputs can be used as single or double channels, eight outputs (of which 2 are safe output pairs), two-hand functionality, and double bypass offer comprehensive function and control possibilities.

There are also two safe input pairs for SICK electro-sensitive protective equipment possessing internal device interfaces. The CDS drag-and-drop software is a type of “universal tool” which guides even the least experienced user intuitively through the parameterisation of both the safety controller and connected intelligent safety sensors. Complex safety functions involving up to 5 operating modes can thus be implemented simply, rapidly and application-specifically.

High Safety Category, high reliability

The UE 440 is accommodated in a compact housing and corresponds to Category 4 in compliance with EN 954-1, and SIL 3 according to EN 61508. It fills the technological gap for small to medium-sized machines between a safety relay (which requires a lot of wiring) and a safe PLC (whose cost-benefit ratio would be uneconomical in this machine segment).

The UE 440 is characterised by low engineering and initial costs per input and output, reduced wiring requirement, optimum user-friendly operation during troubleshooting or modifications, and online monitoring for reducing the MTTR (mean time to repair). The integrated configuration memory helps further optimise plant availability, as parameterisation or operating-mode-specific settings that have been carried out in the original device are not lost when a sensor is replaced, but can be downloaded to the new sensor, e.g. a SICK safety light curtain.

Technological bridging function

While simple safety control applications are still solved with safety relays, safe PLCs and open field bus systems are increasingly dominant in larger, more complex production sites. The UE 440 safety controller bridges these two worlds and is positioned precisely between the two. The same applies for the UE 470 – the variant specifically designed for presses and circular tables – with integrated single-break and double-break functions for eccentric or hydraulic presses. They also offer protective functions by evaluating press-sensitive signals such as BDC (bottom dead centre), TDC (top dead centre) and SCC (stoptime monitoring).