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The UE410 Flexi - Perfect safety management: compact safety controller without software
Waldkirch, November 2006 The UE410 Flexi multifunctional interface from SICK offers modular safety. The safety system requires no software and consists of a few basic multifunctional modules that are combined and plugged in as required. It thus grows individually, module-by-module, with the particular safety task.

The UE410, the main module with 4 inputs and 4 outputs, is the basic element of the UE410 Flexi. Further extension modules allow the connection of more input and output elements, as well as connection via fieldbus for passing on diagnostic and status information to a higher-ranking controller. The modules can be slotted in side-by-side, one after another. The individual modules communicate with one another via a data bus. The functions of each module are selected on the front panel using a rotary switch.

Wide variety of functions integrated

Whether for standard or special uses combination of the appropriate basic modules allows the UE410 Flexi to offer further functions in addition to those mentioned above, including:

  • emergency stop, with or without cross-circuit detection,
  • monitoring of protective doors,
  • laser scanners and light curtains,
  • controlled stop with adjustable response time, with or without re-triggering,
  • two-hand use in compliance with EN 574, Types IIIA and IIIC,
  • muting, override, etc.

Saves space and cuts costs

The modular concept of the UE410 Flexi can be expanded as required. It also cuts device costs and saves space in the control cabinet. A single module with eight different functions replaces two conventional safety switching devices. With maximum expansion, up to 50 two-channel safety sensors can be monitored up to Category 4 in compliance with EN 954-1 or SIL 3 according to EN 61508.

For many types of safety sensor

The UE410 Flexi is equally suitable for numerous tactile and non-contact safety sensors. Protective door switches, emergency stop devices, two-hand controls. Photoelectric switches and light curtains can be connected and individually required functions set up right up to muting or override. The higher-ranking machine controller can receive diagnostic and status information when the gateway is connected to a Profibus DP, DeviceNet or CANopen coupling. Slot-in, and with adjustment by screwdriver, the UE410 FLEXI is a new type of safety controller whose unusual flexibility is impressive. Visit for further information.

Those who speak of safety do not expect to receive proprietary island solutions from suppliers, but open and inclusive concepts with a high level of sensor, controller and application competence, taking time-related and global dimensions into account namely the entire machine life cycle and internationalisation.

As the market leader in safety technology, SICK sustains the continuity of its integrated safety thinking and activities with SafetyPlus. Greater integration means keeping all safety-relevant aspects in sight from the first planning steps and risk analysis to the engineering and project planning phases, and on to the commissioning, repair and modernisation of a machine. Greater integration also leads to economical and future-oriented results with a high level of investment security in the form of comprehensive sensor, controller and service solutions from a single source.

Safe system solutions from SICK mean SafetyPlus for the user.