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Flexibility from modularity: the “softwareless” UE410 FLEXI safety controller
Waldkirch, April 2006 – UE410 FLEXI is the name of the new “softwareless” safety controller from SICK. It is suitable for the connection of numerous safety sensors – both tactile and non-contact. Expansion modules, and a diagnostic module for fieldbus coupling to Profibus DP or DeviceNet, can be plugged into the side of a basic element one after the other. When expanded to the maximum, up to 50 two-channel safety sensors can be monitored – and all this up to Category 4 in compliance with EN 954-1 or SIL 3 according to EN 61508.

Neither software nor a laptop is required for configuration, regardless of the level of expansion – a simple screwdriver is sufficient to get the safety system ready for action.

Connect: a professional safety integrator

The UE410 FLEXI is suitable for both tactile and non-contact safety sensors, e.g. inductive safety systems, magnetic reed sensor systems, transponder safety interlocks, protective door switches, emergency stop devices, Type 2 two-hand controls, testable photoelectric switches and light curtains. The systems can be connected and the individual functions that are necessary can be defined – up to muting or override. On integration of the diagnostic module to the Profibus DP/Devicenet coupling, the higher-ranking machine controller can remotely trigger the starting of functions.

Combine: logic without software

A main unit forms the basic element of the UE410 FLEXI. Further expansion units, input expansion modules, relay output expansions and a diagnosis module for fieldbus coupling to Profibus DP or DeviceNet can be plugged in from the side, one after the other. The individual modules communicate with one another via a data bus. The functions of each module can be selected by rotary switch on the front. AND/OR, bypass, or two- and four-sensor muting can also be achieved via terminal configuration, as can numerous supplementary functions, e.g. automatic start, restart interlock or release delay.

Control: grows as the system grows

The modular concept of the UE410 FLEXI can be expanded according to need. It also cuts device costs and space in the control cabinet. A single module with eight different functions replaces two conventional safety switching devices. With maximum development, up to 50 two-channel safety sensors can be monitored – and this with Category 4 safety in compliance with EN 954-1 and SIL 3 according to EN 61508.

Connect, combine, control – the UE410 FLEXI is a new type of safety controller that represents a flexible and user-friendly alternative in many cases.