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UC 12 the new ultrasonic sensor in a familiar housing
Waldkirch, April 2005 With the UC 12, SICK presents a new ultrasonic sensor for harsh industrial use. The device is accommodated in the compact housing familiar from the W 12 series of photoelectric switches, and offers complete mechanical and electrical compatibility. With its teachable switching point and rotatable connection plug the UC 12 offers the well-known installation and user-friendliness expected of SICK sensors.

The UC 12 has a scanning distance of 20 - 250 or 50 - 350 mm, within which a switching point can be taught-in. As a result of its physical operating principle and its robust metal housing (with an enclosure rating of IP 67), the sensor is particularly suitable for use under conditions in which, for example, dust, dirt or coloured vapours are present. A further advantage of the UC 12 is the detection of transparent objects or liquids. In addition to filling level measurement, the classical areas of use of ultrasonic sensors like the UC 12 include positioning tasks, checking presence, monitoring heights and distances for collision prevention, and other object detection applications.

A two-fold programme enlargement

With the UC 12, SICK rounds out its object detection product programme in two senses. For one, the sensor is intended for applications in which space is critical, for which ultrasonic sensors like the UM 18 or UM 30 would be too large. On the other hand, users exploiting the UC 12 have selected a device that is more suitable for the above-mentioned applications than an optoelectronic sensor as a result of the operating conditions under which it must operate.