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New motor feedback system stirs up “resolver gangs”
Waldkirch, October 2005 – A 16-fold improvement in resolution, an electronic type label, and a HIPERFACE interface are the trump cards with which the new SEK52 capacitive encoder is stirring up the “resolver gangs” in the lower segment of industrial path, position and r.p.m. detection applications. In the long run, as the device is also mechanically compatible with the “resolver heroes”, many of them will be forced to withdraw from the motor and regulator market.

With its capacitive functional principle, the SEK52 offers a level of robustness comparable to resolvers. The decisively important plus-points are its considerably greater accuracy resulting from a total of 16 sine/cos periods, the significantly improved dynamic regulatory behaviour, and its integrability in modern automation structures – thanks to its electronic type label and HIPERFACE interface. Then there is its attractive pricing position, which also proves advantageous in cutting installation and commissioning costs.

Use in standard and low-cost applications
With the SEK52, SICK-STEGMANN rounds out its product portfolio of rotative position and path measurement systems in a low-performance market segment, in which the resolver solutions that previously dominated have come up against their technological limits, and where for years they have survived largely for reasons of cost. The new SEK52 profits from SICK-STEGMANN’s many years’ experience in high-end applications, together with technologically based development, production and cost synergies.