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CE machine safety: on the safe side with Safexpert 5.0 and Service Pack 2
Waldkirch, April 2006 – The EN ISO 12100-1 and -2 standards for the construction and risk assessment of machines have become applicable following their publication in the official journal of the European Union. With Service Pack 2, users of Safexpert 5.0 have been on the right path to CE-certification since the new ISO 12100 came into force.

The network-enabled Safexpert 5.0 safety software supports producers, and those who introduce machines and plant onto the market, in carrying out the CE process in compliance with the Machine Directive. Following its publication, EN ISO 12100 has to be used for this conformity process. The previously valid EN 292-1 and -2 may now no longer be applied. They may neither be used for one’s own CE-certification process, nor listed in the Declarations of Conformity and documentation of purchased machines.

Up-to-date standards information available

All 160 new standards titles that have been published in the EU’s official journal are available to customers with the update service for the standards and directives titles database. Filter functions rapidly clarify which standards are relevant for the user. Similarly, the Safexpert standards packages Standard and Standard Plus have been expanded with the new A and B standards. Standard Plus also contains the full text version of the EN IEC 62061 standard, published in the EU’s official journal on 31.12.2005.

Safexpert allows easy adaptation – even in running projects

With Service Pack 2, producers (and those introducing machines and plant onto the market) who use Safexpert 5.0 safety software thus remain on the safe path to CE-certification – in accordance with the Machine Directive. The safety software allows running projects to be converted to the new standards at the click of a mouse. The modifications, supplements, terminology and cross-references from EN ISO 12100-1 and -2 are included, and compared with the predecessor standards EN 292-1 and EN292-2.

Safexpert 5.0 with Service Pack 2 guarantees that the path new and existing customers take to achieve CE-certification automatically conforms to the Machine Directive. Earlier Safexpert versions, however, no longer comply with the harmonised standards – those still using them should take advantage of the update.