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S300: the world’s smallest safety laser scanner
Waldkirch, April 2006 – The new S300 is currently the most compact and reasonably priced safety solution, based on a laser scanner, for monitoring smaller hazardous areas with a maximum protective field radius of 2 m – and is thus unique. Whether in stationary or mobile applications – the new scanner technology, the small housing and the scanning angle of 270° open up numerous new areas of use.

With the S300, presented at the Hanover Industrial Trade Fair 2006, SICK is complementing its portfolio of safety laser scanners with a device that is ideally suited for fulfilling price-sensitive customer applications with smaller protective fields. With Type 3 approval in compliance with IEC 61496-3 and SIL2 according to IEC/EN 61508, the device meets the most up-to-date standards and can also – like its big brother, the S3000 – be operated vertically.

Costs cut but not corners

A new scanner technology was used during development so that right from the start the S300 could be designed to reduce space requirements, weight and power consumption. The device, just 105 x 102 x 152 mm³, is so compact that it allows space-saving installation even in small machines and vehicles, or in mounting situations where space is limited for some other reason. The connection cable can be laid to screw-type terminals for easy installation and, optionally, led out via cable glands on the back or below the housing. These features are advantageous for use on small manoeuvrable transport vehicles and for maintaining gaps on telpher lines (suspension hanger conveyors).

But no corners have been cut in the S300. Its integrated functions ensure even greater economic efficiency for plant. This applies for the plug & play configuration memory in the connection plug, as well as for the 7-segment indicator for rapid commissioning, diagnosis and maintenance. The Enhanced Function Interface (EFI) data connection allows access to one of the many safety bus modules available. The S300 can be parameterised with CDS software, uniform for all SICK safety systems, which offers users a familiar look and feel.

270° viewing angle provides all-round protection

The S300’s unusual 270° angle of view is of particular interest for the ever-growing market segment of compact transport vehicles and service robots. Thus when the scanner is corner-mounted it can not only simultaneously monitor the sides, but also offer all-round protection for a vehicle – without any use of bumpers and control wires – when mounted diagonally. The switchability of protective and warning fields permits dynamic adaptation to the particular velocities and spatial conditions.

Three variants for an individually selectable set of functions

The user can select the desired set of functions from the Standard, Advanced or Professional variants on offer with one, two or four monitored areas. The dimensions of the warning fields (8 m radius) and protective fields (2 m radius) are common to all variants. Then there is the adjustable object resolution of 30 mm or 70 mm, permitting the implementation of either horizontal or vertical protection. In addition, they are all fundamentally suitable for both stationary and mobile applications.

The S300 Standard is the reasonably priced solution for horizontal or vertical protection when one warning and one protection field is sufficient. Two protection and two warning fields make the S300 Advanced the right solution for, e.g. insertion stations, robots or workbenches, where the monitored area in the process can vary in size and the scanner has to switch its protective field appropriately. The S300 Professional offers safety with maximum functionality in mobile applications. Parameters such as the speed of a conveyor section, the width of a drive path, or the radius of curves can be taken into account during the programming of the total of four protection and four safety fields. Thus a vehicle’s monitored fields can be flexibly switched in every situation in such a way that it achieves the maximum possible speeds and shortest possible transport times. Moreover, the S300 Professional has an integrated RS 422 data interface via which the measured space contour data can be transmitted in real time.

Multi-talent for compact safety areas

The new S300 represents the technically and economically perfect solution in many applications: in place of wear-susceptible safety mats, for space-saving prevention of access from behind, for monitoring insertion stations on machines, or to provide human protection for mobile transport systems or service robots. Thanks to its simple space-saving installation, rapid parameterisation and numerous possibilities of safety-oriented integration, the S300 is suitable not only for initial equipping but also for retroactive integration in machines or plant.