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The S200 safety laser scanner: Category 2 area protection for stationary and mobile use
Waldkirch, November 2006 – SICK has augmented its series of compact, light and low-current safety laser scanners with the S200. Tasks for which Type 2 protection in compliance with IEC/EN 61496, or SIL1 according to IEC/EN 61508, are sufficient can now be implemented at the highest technical level even more economically. The S200 is flexibly and easily integrated, can be used horizontally or vertically, and has impressive adjustable object resolution. The safety laser scanner is certified for vertical use as a result of its “Contour as Reference” function, which reliably detects tampering or misalignment.

The most important practical features of the new S200 are its 270° scanning angle, protective field radius of 1.5 m, warning field radius of 8 m, numerous integrated functions (including its input for external device monitoring), and its 7-segment indicator for rapid commissioning, diagnosis and maintenance. Protective field resolution is freely selectable between 30 mm and 70 mm – legs, arms or hands are thus reliable detected.

Scanner expertise adapted for small areas

The scanner technology of the S300 is oriented upon the special requirements of smaller machines, plant and vehicles. Focusing on short ranges, SICK’s many years of application expertise were exploited to modify the laser optics and evaluation electronics in such a way as to produce a considerably more compact and lighter housing.

Designed for stationary and mobile applications

Typical examples of where the S200 is used are plant areas, insertion stations and material removal points on machines, and collection or transfer areas in container transport systems – if they are accessible from behind. In these areas, its compact housing of just 105 x 102 x 152 mm³ and its large scanning angle permit a flexible and optimum layout of the protective area, without hindering the machine operator. The S200 was not only designed to save place, but also to save weight and electricity for mobile use, e.g. on vehicles and monorail overhead conveyor systems, for protecting approach, the sides or back, or for monitoring distances. Weighing just 1.2 kg (little extra weight for the accelerating or braking mass), a roughly 60% cut in energy consumption compared to other safety laser scanners demonstrates its efficiency.

Safety in any location

The S200 is also approved for vertical protection thanks to its “Contour as Reference” function. The scanner’s compactness, low weight, and easy installation and commissioning also provide simple mounting above an access point requiring protection.

The S200 is the right solution for numerous stationary or mobile tasks in which economic efficiency, and Category 2 safety in compliance with EN954-1, are important.

Those who speak of safety do not expect to receive proprietary island solutions from suppliers, but open and inclusive concepts with a high level of sensor, controller and application competence, taking time-related and global dimensions into account – namely the entire machine life cycle and internationalisation.

As the market leader in safety technology, SICK sustains the continuity of its integrated safety thinking and activities with SafetyPlus. Greater integration means keeping all safety-relevant aspects in sight – from the first planning steps and risk analysis to the engineering and project planning phases, and on to the commissioning, repair and modernisation of a machine. Greater integration also leads to economical and future-oriented results with a high level of investment security in the form of comprehensive sensor, controller and service solutions from a single source.

Safe system solutions from SICK mean SafetyPlus for the user.