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RFID at SICK: new read/write system with 13.56 MHz technology
Waldkirch, October 2005 – RFID is now in SICK’s product portfolio. Intended for material flow and intra-logistics (as well as distribution) SICK presents, for the first time, the new RFI341 Radio Frequency Interrogator read/write device based on 13.56 MHz technology. It offers industry-oriented quality, long communication ranges of up to 1.2 m, and the anti-collision feature that allows detection in stacks of objects. Full compatibility in line with ISO 15963 and ISO 18000-3 “A” standards is assured.

This 13.56 MHz solution from SICK is the first product of a complete system family. In addition to the read/write device, a variety of antenna shapes and transponder types are available for different application requirements. The RDT400 evaluation and diagnostic software, familiar from SICK code readers, can also be used with the RFID system.

Ideal for intra-logistics and closed circulations
Industrially used RFID systems, i.e. with transponders in the right “packaging”, can (unlike bar codes) be used almost infinitely often for object designation and identification. RFID is the ideal solution for container or pallet management in internal or closed circulations if the system, like that of SICK, possesses the necessary design and robustness for rather harsher industrial use. The RFI341 interrogator permits objects to be reliably identified even at high transport speeds and with changing trading-unit shapes and sizes.

Open for open circulations
ISO 15963 compatibility means that the device can read any transponder complying with this standard, regardless of the transponder IC producer. Thus the SICK system can also be used in open circulations with ISO-compatible transponders, e.g. for the identification of packages or unit goods.

The RFID system from SICK is the industry-oriented identification solution for numerous tasks in material flow, intra-logistics and distribution. Given the available technologies, SICK deliberately chose to start with 13.56 MHz technology because its industry-oriented design offers optimum benefits in use.