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Magnetic cylinder sensors with greater functional and reliability reserves
Waldkirch, November 2006 – Better switching by far: the Advanced series from SICK extends the range of uses of magnetic cylinder sensors. In the case of the MM12, the switching distance has been increased from 60 mm to 90 mm; the MM18 now even offers 120 mm instead of 70 mm – a hitherto unparalleled value in this sensor segment.

Both the MM12 and the MM18 are constructed with the coil/glass metal technology proven for magnetic proximity sensors. The new devices’ longer switching distances offer important advantages for practical use.

Range giants

Simpler installation at a reliable distance to target objects is possible in many applications because both sensors can now detect magnetic objects over longer distances. Moving targets, or those that have hitherto been at a critical distance to the sensor, are now detected more reliably because both the MM12 and the MM18 have greater reserves of reliability. Finally, smaller magnets can be used at the previous switching distance – allowing new tasks to be solved.