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OD max the displacement sensor with 10-fold accuracy
Waldkirch, April 2005 As a new product in the successful OD series of displacement sensors, the OD max sets a new standard. With its 10-fold improvement in accuracy this sensor permits the creation of high-end solutions, e.g. for quality assurance or surface inspections. The separate sensor and evaluation unit offer further advantages. The extremely compact optical head fits into locations with very limited mounting space. In addition to processing measured values, the evaluation unit offers connections for two sensors, as well as a variety of integrated, basic arithmetical functions, e.g. for measuring thickness.

The OD max operates with highly accurate CMOS technology and is available in three variants for operating distances of 30 mm, 85 mm and 350 mm. Each device offers two analogue outputs in addition to five switching outputs adjustable via teach-in. Two status indicators per sensor provide information on the current operating state.

High-end solution for demanding tasks

Highly accurate quality inspections during which even the lack of the smallest of parts, or a fine application of material, is detected reliably and with -accuracy can now be carried out with the OD max, e.g. in electronics production or during surface inspections. This has been made possible by a quantum leap in measurement accuracy (which in this device has been improved by a factor of 10 compared to other systems) to 0.1% of the measurement area. Applications include checking tolerances or quality for quality assurance in the automotive industry and their supplier industries.