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MZT6 magnetic cylinder sensors: greater performance newly packaged
Waldkirch, October 2005 – Greater performance in new packaging – the new MZT6 magnetic cylinder sensor is more than “just” a redesign. Externally, it’s the new housing that one notices; internally, performance data like the switching characteristics or the EMC have been further improved. Users in a hurry will be interested in the factory pre-setting of important parameters such as switching accuracy, hysteresis, switch-off delay and relay output. Thus each individual sensor variant is ready for work as quickly as possible after leaving the stores.

A new IC platform inside the MZT6 further improves the sensor’s technical features and performance.

5-fold precision and immunity
Switching point scattering is now five times lower than that of conventional sensors, ensuring maximum switching reliability. The same applies for electromagnetic immunity: it is five times higher than required by the standard. Finally, the operating temperature range (-30° to +80°C) could be extended by selecting robust electronic components with particularly low power consumptions. This has considerably contributed towards approvals, e.g. ATEX or UL, being obtainable almost without restrictions.

Good for all slots

The new MZT6 – recognisable from its new injection-moulded housing – is suitable for all common T-slots. The cylinder sensor is also available as the RZT6 AC/DC 3-wire version with reed output contact. SICK’s pre-parameterisation of the ICs of both sensors offers great flexibility and rapid availability.