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The MZT6 magnetic cylinder sensor: SICK’s GMR technology prevents scattered switching points
Waldkirch, November 2006 – Maximum response accuracy, the prevention of scattered switching points, and particular user-friendliness, immunity to EMC and vibrations are the most important features of the MZT6 magnetic cylinder sensor. The sensor, used for detecting the position of pistons in pneumatic cylinders, is based on a new type of chip technology. Its 2-D magnetic field evaluation considerably improves both the accuracy and the hysteresis of the switching signals, preventing the double switching that would otherwise occur frequently. The MZT6 is thus particularly suitable for applications in which short and precise cylinder movements are vital.

The new MZT6 offers all the mounting and operating advantages of its predecessor. It fits all common T-slots, can be inserted into the slot from above, and is reliably fixed without any special tools. During operation, its firm fixing ensures that the switching points remain exactly where they have been taught-in.

Switches where it should switch

The hitherto impossible switching behaviour of the MZT6 has been achieved through so-called 2-D magnetic field evaluation. It allows the reliable cutting out of areas beside the switching point during signal evaluation. There is therefore no “multiple switching” with the MZT6. Its switching point scattering of +/-5% is five times lower than is common with other cylinder sensors – regardless of the cylinder type and the field strength of the piston magnets. This also results in almost scatter-free hysteresis between the switching points. Applications with short and precise cylinder movements, in particular, profit from this improved accuracy.

Expanded temperature range, high enclosure rating

In addition to its reliable switching behaviour, the MZT6 is characterised by its great robustness. The sensor can be operated within an expanded temperature range of from -30°C to +80°C because its very low power uptake minimises its own warming. Supplemented by special extrusion technology, the new MZT6 also offers maximum tightness up to IP69K, as well as immunity to temperature shocks.