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The MZ2Q magnetic cylinder sensor: mounted once, detects twice
Waldkirch, April 2006 – The new MZ2Q offers two switching points in one device. The magnetic cylinder sensor thus saves mounting space in the T-slot and reduces the wiring workload on the machine, particularly advantageous for the detection of end and intermediate positions on, for example, short lifting cylinders or grippers.

Precise and reproducible detection of the piston position in pneumatic cylinders provides important information for machine and plant controllers in many automated processes, e.g. in conveyor technology, automatic handling systems or packaging machines.

MZ2Q: the sensor with two switching points

With its two switching points the MZ2Q now offers decisive advantages. The device only occupies a single T-slot and only one cable must be laid. User-friendly insertion and vibration-proof fixing in the slot takes place from above. Definition of the switching points takes place using the “Easy Teach-In” process. The piston is positioned at the two desired switching points one after the other, allowing teach-in of the two piston positions to be detected. If necessary, the switching points can be changed at any time and taught-in anew.

Where the double solution is useful

The detection of end positions on short lifting cylinders, determining positions on gripper systems, or the detection of intermediate positions for determining and regulating piston speeds are typical examples of use in which the MZ2Q assists as a “double solution” – while saving space, time and costs.