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IT6300 DPM: new hand-held scanner for direct part marking applications
Waldkirch, April 2006 – With the cable-connected IT6300 DPM and the IT6320 DPM Bluetooth version (with a 10 m radio range), SICK is presenting a new series of hand-held CMOS scanners for identifying objects with direct marks. In addition to omnidirectional reading, a high resolution, ergonomic design and great robustness, these devices meet the special demands required for DPM reading. Thus differing surfaces, small codes, a variety of marking techniques, and reflective or weakly contrasting backgrounds are typical conditions that the IT6300 series of hand-held scanners reliably master.

Production control in automobile construction, the identification of circuit boards in electronic production, and the assignment and tracking of components in the aerospace industry are typical areas of use in which objects do not carry labels, but are marked directly on their surfaces. The IT6300 DPM and IT6320 DPM are reading devices offering flexible and mobile use. Their optics, illumination and decoding software, among other things, are specially designed for identifying 2-D DPM codes.

Mobile and reliable reading

Whether laser-etched codes on a curved cast iron surface, needle-stamped marks on reflective metal, or an inkjet code on plastic – regardless of the particular DPM technology, the IT6300 DPM and IT6320 DPM permit reliable identification of directly attached Data Matrix Codes. This is principally due to a high-resolution megapixel image capture module, with which even small codes can be reliably read. Together with the optics (with their application-specific design), the illumination on the code can be individually adapted to ensure optimum light distribution and brightness in the code’s location. Weakly contrasting markings are just as reliably detected as, for example, etched or needle-stamped 2-D markings. The integrated diffuser even allows the reliable identification of codes on highly reflective surfaces.

Robust and communicative

Despite all the technology, the devices are ideally equipped for harsh industrial conditions – thanks to the lack of moving parts within, and robust housing technology: even repeated dropping onto concrete floors from a height of 2 m does not impair their function. The IT integration of both DPM devices is remarkably easy. The IT6300 DPM supports communication via USB, keyboard connection and RS 232, while the IT6320 uses Bluetooth radio for data transfer and can be operated within 10 metres of the nearest basis station.

Code quality, dazzle, poor contrast – industrial reading systems like the IT6300 DPM and IT6320 DPM are capable of ensuring maximum read reliability under all operating conditions.