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The IN4000 inductive safety sensor now in cylindrical housings
Waldkirch, October 2005 In addition to cubic housings, the IN4000 series now also offers sensors in cylindrical metal threaded housings. The two M18 and M30 devices conform (as do all the IN4000 components) to Control Category 4 according to EN 954-1. They are intended for use under harsh operating conditions: their IP 69K enclosure rating makes them particularly suitable for applications in the food and semi-luxuries industries.

The inductive safety sensors of the IN4000 series allow reliable position monitoring direct on metal and therefore require no separate actuator. With their cylindrical design, both variants permit industry-oriented and precise installation. On steel (St37), the M18 sensor offers switching distances of 3 mm to 6 mm, while the M30 version operates between 6 mm and 12 mm. The switching range of the IN4000 sensors is monitored in both time and spatial terms reliably detecting unauthorised modifications, e.g. misalignment or tampering, and safely switching off the machine.

Fit for food, best for beverages
The stainless steel housing material, the plastic material of the end-caps (e.g. chemical-resistant PEEK for the M30 device) and enclosure ratings of IP 69K according to EN 60529 make the cylindrical IN4000 sensors the ideal detection solution in the food and beverages industries. Neither contamination from leaking product nor aggressive cleaning have any detrimental effect on reliable function.

Direct operation on safe PLC possible
The IN4000 sensors can be directly connected if the machine or plant to be protected is controlled by a safe PLC. This is possible because the input and output signals of the sensors are designed in accordance with EN 61131-2, and are thus compatible with the I/O signals of a safe PLC. Control Category 4 is preserved even with the maximum number of 10 sensors connected in series. If there is no safe PLC the sensors are connected to the IN4000 evaluation unit via relay outputs. A maximum of 10 sensors can also be connected together in this case leading to considerable cost-savings for complex machines or plants.