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Interface Adapter Modules: convert HIPERFACE to SSI or Profibus
Waldkirch, November 2006 – Whether rotative or linear – all path measurement or position determination systems with a HIPERFACE interface can now be flexibly connected to SSI or Profibus with the help of the appropriate Adapter Module from SICK STEGMANN. The main advantage: the encoder itself remains compact, there is still only one device version, and flange or housing solutions, in particular, can be implemented quicker and more economically. The supplementary advantage: an extremely high resolution of greater than 200,000 increments per revolution is achieved because the encoder’s digital and analogue signals are evaluated during the transition.

Encoders with a Hiperface interface are used as motor feedback systems in drive technology. As a result of their special design for drive technology they have, for example, a high temperature range, are often very small, and are also available in a variety of mechanical housings. The use of these encoders in automation technology would thus be extremely interesting for many customers if a suitable interface were available. An appropriate interface conversion is necessary to allow the encoder data to be transmitted in a suitable form for SSI or Profibus – the HIPERFACE SSI Adapter or the HIPERFACE Profibus Adapter. They integrate motor feedback encoders (as well as other path and position determination systems with a HIPERFACE interface) into the particular industrial interface or fieldbus environment via M12 connectors. Further adapter variants for CanOpen and DeviceNet will follow shortly.