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Format adjustment from SICK: Hiperdrive the positioning drive for rapid product changes
Waldkirch, April 2005 Time savings, precision and reproducibility of settings, fewer rejects, greater quality and a high level of operating reliability HIPERDRIVE (the high integrated performance drive) offers all these advantages. The integral positioning drive, consisting of a motor, gears, an absolute measurement system, and performance and regulatory electronics, allows rapid automatic product and format changes in, for example, printing, packaging and metal-processing machines. The advantage: greater flexibility and lower equipping times reduce operating costs.

Small batch sizes and frequent product changes affect the level of utilisation of packaging and other processing machines. Numerous adjustment and setting processes on rollers, limit stops or other equipment are frequently required before production can begin. Equipping times are correspondingly long if these are carried out manually, particularly for more complex machines with many axes requiring adjustment.

Improved equipping with automatic format adjustment

Product and format changes on machines can be carried out fully automatically with a high level of adjustment accuracy and reproducibility. Its comparatively compact housing allows simple integration in new and existing machines. Turning moments of up to 20 Nm with a drive rotational rate of up to 35 min-1 meet the constructional requirements of machines.

The absolute detection of the angle of rotation provides a clear absolute positional value for every axle position so no reference run is necessary on machine start-up. Integration of the positioning drive in the existing plant network takes place via a Profibus-DP clip-on module. The high IP 65 enclosure rating allows use of the HIPERDRIVE positioning drive even under harsh environmental conditions such as those caused, for example, by paper and wood dusts, sanding, or the abrasion of rubber.

Better than hand wheels, though no replacement for servo drives

The HIPERDRIVE integrated positioning drive represents the optimum alternative to hand wheels, regarding technical and economic performance, particularly in those machines with several adjustment axes. This solution is no replacement for the classical servo drives on process axes on machinery, but rather a reasonably priced alternative for automating the adjustment of auxiliary axes. Features such as the r.p.m. range, output performance, high stopping moment or low cabling requirement have been specially designed for this application.