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DRS61 – the programmable incremental encoder
Waldkirch, October 2005 – Individual programmability is the strength of the DRS61 incremental encoder from SICK-STEGMANN. Users, system integrators, resellers or distributors can freely select any line number between 1 and 8,192 and define the desired zero impulse width of 90° or 180° from their PC or notebook via a USB cable and programming tool. This not only results in a total of 16,386 individually selectable settings, but also brings about reduced stocks of devices and immediate availability. So it is no longer necessary to stock or obtain pre-parameterised, application-specific device versions. Thus the DRS61 is the basis device for determining angle, position, speed or acceleration in automation technology.

The programming of line number and zero-impulse width now possible by the user, machine constructor or system integrator considerably increases the flexibility of DRS61 use. A basis version, e.g. with solid shaft, servo flange, plug and 10 - 32 V operating voltage is sufficient to solve the most varied of tasks through individual programming. The procurement and preparation of individual machine-oriented line number variants is no longer necessary with the DRS61. Stock-keeping is easier and more economical; downtimes are minimised – for the DRS61 is quickly available and programmable for every task.

Encoder parameterisation: child’s play, ready in seconds and usable as often as desired

Programming takes place with the help of a conventional PC or notebook. The DRS61 is connected via the USB programmer cable. The current encoder data (e.g. type number and current parameter settings) are automatically read out, taken up in the encoder programming software, and displayed. The user can now update the adjustable line number and zero impulse width parameters and transfer them to the DRS61.