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CQ 28 the flat capacitive sensor with long switching distances
Waldkirch, April 2005 Filling level detection in tanks, containers or pipe systems over switching distances of up to 10 mm is a typical application of the CQ 28 capacitive proximity switch. As a result of its flat housing (with a height of just 5.5 mm) the CQ 28 offers numerous mounting options, e.g. sunken installation in a recess, or fixing with a clamp fitting.

Liquids and bulk materials can be reliably detected through non-metallic walls with the CQ 28. Sensitivity is set using a potentiometer on the sensor. The CQ 28s two LEDs show the current switching state and the quality of detection. Users can choose between PNP or NPN switching output options.

Protected from interference

The CQ 28 has an enhanced EMC, which reliably prevents spurious switching caused, for example, by interfering surge voltages resulting from electrostatically charged granulate in bulk material silos; mobile telephones; radio devices or magentic valves; contacts or frequency convertors. And together with its IP 68 housing this guarantees dependable function under almost all operating conditions.