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CLV 405 bar-code reading in the tightest of spaces
Waldkirch, April 2005 The CLV 405 bar-code scanner is the right solution wherever maximum reading power is required but space is limited. Although exceptionally small, the device can identify even long bar codes at extremely short distances thanks to its large optical aperture. And if speed is required the CLV 450, with its scanning frequency of 1,000 Hz, is highly convincing.

The CLV 405 is available as a line scanner and a grid scanner, in Standard and High-density versions, and with or without lateral light egress. Regardless of the actual task, all device versions can be rapidly brought into operation with the help of the CLV setup software. The integrated Auto-setup button allows automatic determination of the best possible reading configuration, visualisation of reading quality via the bar-graph LEDs, teach-in of the match codes to be identified, and storage of the reading parameters.

Ideal for OEM use

Given their housing size and reading power, the bar-code scanners of the CLV 405 product family fulfil all the requirements of demanding OEM applications, for example in packaging machine construction, in circuit board production, for robotic handling, in clinical analysers, for the processing of documents, in access control systems or for read-after-print inspections in printing systems.