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Clone Plug rapidly restores safety
Waldkirch, April 2006 Clone Plug is a new memory module with which the parameterisation of C4000 safety light curtains and M4000 multiple light beam safety devices is stored externally, and can be copied to new devices as many times as necessary. Thus this multiplicator module provides greater productivity in construction, commissioning and production processes.

Users in automobile or machine tool construction profit from Clone Plug preventing expensive downtimes if a safety system requires replacement, as the settings can be copied to the new systems directly on the machine.

The same applies for construction and commissioning. Thanks to Clone Plug, a parameter set that has been defined once can be copied as often as required, without having to connect a PC or laptop. Even application names, and the most complex of configurations, blanking fields and operating modes are reliably stored and can be called up at any time.

Time is short, time is money, time is: Clone Plug.