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C4000 Guest: ultra-compact safety light curtain with wide-ranging functions
Waldkirch, April 2006 – With the C4000 Guest, SICK adds a particularly compact system to its family of Category 4 safety light curtains for protecting hazardous points-of-operation. Differing resolutions and protective field heights permit application-oriented configuration. With space-saving installation, the C4000 Guest offers a minimised passive area – reliably preventing stepping around the device from behind. Moreover, even the C4000 Standard Guest system offers numerous features, e.g. a 7-segment indicator and a configuration/diagnosis interface that considerably simplifies commissioning and ensures a high level of availability during operation. With the C4000 Advanced Guest version, it is also possible to reduce the resolution or blank out particular protective field areas dynamically. Whether connected to a C4000 Host or a suitable safety controller in SICK’s UE series – all variants of the ultra-compact C4000 Guest are fully functional safety light curtains.

The C4000 Guest is used for safeguarding hazardous protective field widths of 150 mm to 1,800 mm (in 150 mm increments) in compliance with EN 61496, Type 4 and IEC 61508 SIL3. Users can select resolutions of 14 mm or 30 mm in any version. The narrow end-cap with integrated cable tail, or with the optional angled plug connector available for the 150 mm version, reduces the lateral passive area – reliably ruling out the possibility of stepping around the C4000 Guest from behind, e.g. to reach a press brake.

Standard or Advanced: individual functions can be selected

According to their actual needs, users can select the C4000 Guest with the range of functions appropriate for them. Whether Standard or Advanced – both versions offer important basic functions and features. Among others, these include restart interlock, external device monitoring, beam coding, the alignment aid, and diagnosis via the 7-segment indicator. In addition, a status signalling output and an RS 232 interface for configuration and diagnosis are integrated as “standard”. More demanding applications are covered by the C4000 Advanced Guest. As a supplement to the standard series, it offers the “reduced resolution” option for objects projecting into the protective field, and “floating blanking”, i.e. the possibility of defining, via teach-in, areas that are to be cut out. These areas need not be fixed, but can be dynamically configured: only the number of C4000 Advanced Guest fields to be blanked out is defined; their location and fields are freely selectable and teachable. In this way, the blanked out area is made mobile so that, for example, different positions on a material feed system, or a foot switch that is not in a fixed position in front of a machine, can be blanked out flexibly – without impairing the safety function.

Host connection or stand-alone: open for all possibilities

The C4000 Guest is primarily designed for optimising the protection of machine operators in combination with a C4000 Host, e.g. by setting up additional protection against stepping into the machine’s hazardous area from behind. For this reason, the devices deliberately have no output signal switching device (OSSD) of their own, as this is already integrated in the C4000 Host, and a machine stop triggered by the C4000 Guest is implemented via the Host light curtain. Nevertheless, the C4000 Guest can also be used a stand-alone device, by connecting it to a UE440 or UE470 safety controller – which has the necessary OSSDs.

With a compact housing, variable range of functions, and variety of potential applications, the C4000 Guest opens up new safety horizons in press and machine tool construction, among other areas.