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“Curtain up!” Concentrating on the essentials
Waldkirch, October 2005 – The new safety light curtains of the C4000 series from SICK are called the Eco and Basic Plus. The features that both versions share are their protective field heights of 300 to 1,800 mm, resolutions of 14 mm or 30 mm, their maximum range of 6 m, and 7-segment indicators. Intended for standard applications, they concentrate on the essentials – particularly on Category 4 safety.

As is the case with cars, buyers’ and user’ safety technology requirements also differ. The basic functions must be guaranteed, though one can sometimes do without individual supplementary features, depending on one’s needs. With the C4000 Eco and the somewhat more “luxurious” C4000 Basic Plus variant, SICK is addressing precisely this clientele – or their applications.

Reduce to the max …

… was the motto for the configuration and calculations of the C4000 Eco. Single-minded safety is called for. Supplementary options were deliberately ignored. They can, if necessary, be implemented via external functional modules, e.g. 1- and 2-cycle operation with the UE470 safety controller, or relay outputs for external device monitoring and restart interlock with the UE48 safety interface.

And tightly calculated …

… was the C4000 Basic Plus. The external device monitoring and restart interlock functions integrated in this device cover the most frequently requested basic requirements. Here – as is the case for the Eco version – PSDI Mode, muting and other functions can to a certain extent be implemented or retrofitted through the use of safety relays, safety controllers or the fieldbus connection modules of SICK’s UE series.

Generously proportioned …
… in contrast, is the safety level offered by the two devices. They are Type 4 in compliance with IEC 61496 and SIL 3 according to IEC 61508. Whether Eco or Basic Plus – the text on both these C4000 housings only refers to the functions program.