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”Food-enabled” AS-i field module: automation with no sell-by date
Waldkirch, April 2005 – The new ASI-S24261 AS-interface field module, in its IP69 K stainless steel housing, promises automation with no sell-by date. High temperatures of up to 70°C and aggressive cleaning regimes, e.g. with steam hoses, have no effect on the function of the fully encapsulated interface module.

The new field module allows up to four sensors to be connected to the AS-interface bus in harsh food & beverages environments. There are also four digital outputs available for actuators. The field module offers an LED function indicator for each input and output, providing rapid in-situ diagnosis. In addition, central LEDs provide information on the power supply, the output voltage and the operating state of the ASI-S24261.

Ready for anything

Acids and alkalis, detergents and cleaning processes, pressures of up to 100 bar, and temperature shocks make extreme demands of field modules in wet areas at food producers and drinks filling plants. The devices must possess, for example, enhanced immunity to temperature shocks because, while a bottle may have just been filled at 5°C, a machine cleaning process involving hot water at 80°C could take place the next moment. The electronics of the AS-i field module are therefore fully encapsulated, and thus protected against the condensation that would otherwise form inside the housing during such rapid temperature changes.

The housing material, V4A (1.4404) stainless steel, has the same vital chemical resistance as the laser printing on the module itself. With regard to the connector technology, practical experience shows that plug-in connections provide the long-term waterproofing necessary. The connections of the ASI-S24261 are thus designed for M 12 plug connectors.