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Research and Development
Innovations – past, present and future
The history of SICK is a history of successful innovations. We intend to continue this history of success in future too. We are continually expanding our involvement in research and development in order to be able to remain a technological and market leader.

Research and development expenditures

Customer orientation – a decisive key to our success
Innovative products alone are not decisive factors in the success of a company. That these innovations provide superior customer advantages is of greater significance; their success on the market is the true measure of newly developed products.

Our success is based on the consistent implementation of this concept: we use our knowledge of customer requirements to anticipate future developments. Our customers thus profit, for example, from smaller housings offering the same performance, from increased sensor robustness, from fewer work steps or accelerated processes.

SICK – Sensor Intelligence.

Our efforts concentrate on the development of intelligent solutions for our customers’ applications. In order to be able to achieve this, we are always on the lookout for technologies that allow sensors not merely to perceive things, but to also to control processes intelligently, and to communicate with other components in complex networks.

R&D resources
SICK’s research and development is not restricted to the central research department and decentralised development teams, in which a total of more than 500 staff are active worldwide. To allow our sensors to be open for all system environments, so that our customers can profit from synergies in development, we naturally also co-operate with industrial partners, universities and institutes. In this, we orient ourselves on a structured product creation process. This procedure allows us to recognise the success of a product early enough and exploit our R&D resources effectively.

Employees in the area of research and development

Find out more about vacancies in the R&D Departments in one of our subsidiaries worldwide under Jobs & Careers.

Innovations mean gaining a lead – which we intend to consistently maintain. So protecting our expertise through patents is an important priority for us. About 90 patents which were registered in 2006 demonstrate SICK’s great commitment to R&D.

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