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5 Top articles issue 2/2002
Swisslog builds IKEA's future Customer Distribution Centre
In March 2003 IKEA opens a German Customer Distribution Centre (CDC) in Dortmund. Those who use the Internet to order, or who cannot take the goods home from the furnishing store themselves, can have almost everything – from “Hemlis” clothes hangers to a complete “Faktum” kitchen – delivered to their house. SICK sensors will ensure the smooth functioning of warehouse and commissioning plants at the CDC...more
Bar-code reading bookworms ensure perfect despatch handling at
One can order books, CDs, video cassettes, and other media, online by accessing on the Internet. SICK omniportal scanners used during packaging of the orders, and CLV 490 bar-code readers for checking address labels, ensure that consignments arrive at the customer...more
The WT 2, the smallest of scanners, detects clothes hangers
Small size and a long range – this was what mattered for detecting clothes hangers at Kannegiesser Kleindienst. Great detection results are achieved in the smallest of spaces with the WT 2 sub-miniature photoelectric proximity switch...more
Magnetic cylinder sensors: a complete programme meeting every task
SICK has taken the initiative in magnetic cylinder sensors for pneumatic cylinders – whether pull-rod, profile or round cylinders, or cylinders with C-, T-, or dovetail grooves. The complete programme not only provides an appropriate solution for every task – the multitude of different types facing the user can also be reduced by means of “intelligent” mounting adapters. This is one of the core statements of Product Manager Thomas Deutscher in conversation with SICK insight...more
The PLS Short Range – up-close safety
Monitoring small surfaces and detecting objects at close range are the strengths of the new PLS Short Range – and its interesting price. Typical areas of operation include safeguarding small automatic vehicles, and stationary plant where small areas are to be monitored, or where gaining access from behind other monitoring systems is to be reliably prevented...more
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