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On this site you find interviews from different editions of the customer magazine SICK insight.

SICK insight 1/2007
Nothing to fear from the standards duo
The “tried-and-tested” EN 954 standard will only continue to apply for the evaluation of safety control systems for just under three years. Then it will finally be replaced by the edited version of the EN ISO 13849-1, which is already valid. EN 62061, however, also applies now – when the safe design of electrical controllers is concerned.
What does the standards duo mean in practice?
And why are there two standards for the “same” subject?
Which standard should machines constructors and plant users employ? Dr. Michael Schaefer and Michael Hauke from the Trade Association of Industrial Safety (BGIA) provide SICK insight with a full explanation. More...
SICK insight 2/2006
Continuity and innovation - the right mix determines success
30 September 2006, the day of the company’s 60th anniversary, was also the last working day for Anne-Kathrin Deutrich, Spokesperson of the Executive Board of SICK AG. In conversation with SICK insight she reviews how the small Black Forest company became a global player in sensor technology. More...
SICK insight 2/2005
Achieving success with compact housings and electronic type labels
Apart from central control concepts, one of the key future technologies in packaging systems will be servo-drive technology. With the SKS36, ELAU uses a motor feedback system that in terms of its housing and performance capability is one of the trend-setters in this area, and thus permits the creation of innovative drive solutions.

SICK insight spoke to engineer Klaus Weyer, Senior Vice-President of Marketing Communication at ELAU AG about customer demands, automation concepts and trends in packaging technology. More...
SICK insight 2/2005
“Direct customer contact and automation of the customer relationship are not contradictory!”
Offering a professional response and solution for all automation questions – this was the aim of the Seli company when it was founded in 1990. Right from the start they also acted as a distributor for SICK sensors and have consistently developed with the market.

SICK insight delved deeper into this success story and gained interesting information on the customer relationships of tomorrow in conversation with founder and Managing Director Frank Nimwegen. More...
SICK insight 1/2005
“Demands we must meet, promises to our customers and partners”
Growth is an indicator of successful companies. And the greater the growth, the greater the expectations of the aims and the future – not just those of employees but also those of external partners. SICK insight spoke with SICK Executive Board members Anne-Kathrin Deutrich and Dr. Robert Bauer about the significance of the corporate statement for the company’s relationship to its customers. More...
SICK insight 2/2004
“Safety at work involves technology, knowledge and the right attitude”
Whether switches or safety fencing, light curtains or laser scanners – components alone do not make machines safer. Specialist knowledge and the right attitude towards safety are just as important. Getting this interrelationship across is one of the tasks of the Berufsgenossenschaft der Feinmechanik und Elektrotechnik (BGFE), the German Trade Association for Precision Mechanics and Electrical Engineering. SICK insight spoke with Dr. Werner Jansen, Manager of the BGFE’s Prevention Department (Training). More...
SICK insight 1/2004
Greater efficiency and intelligence for photoelectric proximity switches
A newly developed sensor chip is on the point of revolutionising the world of automation technology. The first device with the new chip technology, the WT18-3 photoelectric proximity switch, will be presented at the Hanover Trade Fair for the first time. SICK insight spoke with Wilhelm Schürmann, the responsible manager in the Product Management Department, about the advantages of the new technology. More...
SICK insight 2/2003
UL – the passport to America
International companies rely on national approvals when selling their products, and those wishing to export to North America can't get around UL certification. During an interview with Mirko Bautz and engineer Dirk R. F. Mueller of UL Deutschland, SICK insight found out what is behind the Underwriters Laboratories testing organisation, what the difference is between the UL listing symbol and the Uß recognition symbol, and why companies should collaborate with UL Deutschland. More...
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