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SICKinsight: your customer magazine
The main issues of our SICKinsight customer magazine are available twice a year:

  • in spring, for the Hanover industrial trade fair (HMI)
  • in autumn, for SPS/IPC/DRIVES in Nuremberg.

Seven cameras of the IVC-2D series overall are used by the Italian Laserline Company to monitor the assembly process of “Lasertyre” tire pressure sensors. Integrated in an Ethernet network, they detect and visualize any components installed incorrectly. Moreover, they provide important production and quality data online for statistical purposes. More...
Every year, the Dutch Rijkswaterstaat (Department of Public Works and Water Management) records nearly 3,000 accidents involving roe deer, wild boars, and red deer. However, this figure will probably decrease drastically now – thanks to the “game corridor” from Traffic 2000 and the WS/WE45 photoelectric switches integrated in it.