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Top articles issue 1/2006
Laser Measurement Systems ensure dependable beer supplies

Are the beer crates OK? At Krombacher, this question is answered by several LMS400 Laser Measurement Systems. They ensure that off-licences or beer aficionados never have to do without “nature’s pearl” (as advertised)...more
Welcome to the Hanover Industrial Trade Fair 2006

SICK is participating again in Hanover this year with a wide range of new developments – to familiarise visitors from all over the world with the latest automation solutions. The focus is again, of course, on examples of solutions for the manufacturing, packaging and logistics sectors...more
The world’s smallest safety laser scanner

The new S300 is by far the most flexible solution for monitoring smaller hazardous areas with a maximum protective field radius of 2 m. The safety laser scanner is currently the smallest device of its type worldwide. Compact, reliable and equipped with a full overview of 270°, numerous applications can be solved particularly economically with the S300...more

Thousands of adjustments, singular availability

Individual programmability is the strength of the new DRS61 incremental encoder. With the help of the programming tool, consisting of a USB cable and software with a PC or laptop, any line number between 1 and 8,192 can be selected and the desired zero-impulse width of 90° or 180° defined...more
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