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SICK Insight Special Edition: Automotive 2006
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SICK Compact 04 Automatic SLC handling at NedCar MSL,C2000,C4000,PLS,S3000
05 TITLE: Pole position at Peugeot Sensoren, Sicherheits-Lichtvorhänge, Laserscanner
Applications 06 Automatic SLC handling LMS400
07 Quality assurance for perfect paint application WT4-3, CVS1 Easy
08 Code readers ensure ideal reception ICR840,CDM400,CMF400
09 Safety solutions at BMW Leipzig UE4120, UE4150, MSL-Z, S3000
10 Pick2Light light curtain at Scania Pick2Light
11 At the new Plastal production works CLV451, C4000 Palletizer
12 Tank production at Magna Steyr C4000, S3000, IN4000, UE4400, UE4470
13 Reliable detection at VW Dresden W27-3, WT27-3, IO-Link
14 Achieving CE with Safexpert Safeexpert
15 Automatic wheel handling LMS400
16 Sensor nest for testing instruments OD, OD Hi, OD Max, OD25
17 Collision prevention for high-bay stackers LD-PDS
18 Detailed strategy for suspension assembly OD Max
19 SICK and HIMA co-operate C4000, S3000
20 CVS1 color vision sensor for engine assembly CVS1
Co-operation 21 SICK subsidiary, Ibeo Automobile Sensor, ALASCA XT
Interview 22 At DaimlerChrysler in Sindelfingen C4000 Entry/Exit
Internet 24 Special sector pages for vehicle construction
Products 25 Smart cameras for quality inspections IVC-2D, IVC-3D
26 Collision prevention S3000
27 Solutions for objects with direct marks ICR840, ICR850, IT4600, IT4800, IT6300DPM
28 Human/material differentiation C4000 Entry/Exit
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