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Top articles issue 2/2005

amb relies on SICK sensors during wafer handling

The photovoltaic industry is booming – and with it the production of appropriate automation plants. amb, the Gersthof-based specialists in this segment, rely on the precision and reliability of SICK sensors during process-critical wafer handling...more
New read/write system with 13.56 MHz technology

RFID – a real talking point, at least since its introduction at the Metro Superstore – is now in SICK’s product portfolio. Aimed at material flow and intra-logistics, SICK has launched its campaign with the RFI341 read/write device based on 13.56 MHz technology. It offers industry-oriented quality, long communication ranges of up to 1.2 m, and the anti-collision feature that allows detection in stacks of objects. Full compatibility in line with ISO 15963 and ISO 18000-3 “A” standards is assured...more
Successfully tested for water-tightness and material strength

Several series of photoelectric switches from SICK have recently received positive evaluations from the Fraunhofer Institute for Chemical Technology (ICT) and the testing company Ecolab. The sensors of the W2, W9, W12 and MH15 device families passed ICT’s IP 69K tests. Furthermore, the W11 and W12 Teflon proved their resistance to acidic and alkaline detergents in Ecolab tests...more
Muting and pattern detection as safe alternative solutions

Those using safety technology nowadays also demand economic efficiency. This is particularly the case for access protection during automated material transport, e.g. into a robot cell or vertical hoisting gear. A hitherto impossibly broad range of potential applications can now be covered by a selection of proven solutions and new concepts...more
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