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Top articles issue 1/2004

Quicker lock passage, fewer accidents

Passage through the Panama Canal, one of the world’s most famous waterways, has become quicker and safer. 74 LMS units detect ships approaching the locks; the special Boat Detection Software does the rest... more

Greater efficiency and intelligence for photoelectric proximity switches

A newly developed sensor chip is on the point of revolutionising the world of automation technology. The first device with the new chip technology, the WT 18-3 photoelectric proximity switch, will be presented at the Hanover Trade Fair for the first time. SICK insight spoke with Wilhelm Schürmann, the responsible manager in the Product Management Department, about the advantages of the new technology... more

Wire-draw encoders also measure around corners

The new wire-draw encoders of the BTF/PRF series from SICK-STEGMANN provide a precise and robust solution in many situations where positions are to be determined or paths measured but the measurement section goes round a corner... more

Safety inspections for machines and plants

Components alone do not make machines safe – the complete safety solution must add up. Statistics prepared by SICK on the basis of more than 3,000 inspections show that almost every fifth safety system is incorrectly integrated... more

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